G.J? new game update

the next Sano Toshihide designed G.J? title will finally be scooped on January 30th

Sano Toshihide eroge brand G.J? updated the teaser page for their new game yesterday night, as promised – with yet another teaser. The page layout is the same Nico parody as before, only this time there’s a video playing of a sniper whose target turns out to be Ole’s new game, [ERO] Tsuri Baka. The single bit of art from the new G.J? title on the page shows the hand of a silver-haired woman wearing a black shirt and holding a sake bottle, with text promising a new update on the 30th (when the game will be scooped in Dengeki Hime magazine). I know that’s just four days from now, but the wait is killing me. ;_;

Yamashita Shunya Kasumi mystery solved?

Yamashita Shunya designed Dead or Alive Kasumi prize figures

Amiami‘s evening update today brought word that the Yamashita Shunya designed Kasumi prize figures we’ve been tracking since last May are now on sale – at the lower price initially expected, not the one listed at Tecmo’s online shop that we covered last December. As prize figures they’re officially “open price” so they can be sold however the retailer wants (though technically they’re supposed to be won in UFO catchers and not sold at all); that may account for the discrepancy, but it still seems like Tecmo was smoking something potent with their inflated price, different height measurement and release date.

Taimanin Asagi vol. 3 on sale today

Pixy's Kagami designed, Murakami Teruaki directed Taimanin Asagi eroanime vol. 3

(none of the following links are work safe) In addition to being a big eroge release weekend several major eroanime came out yesterday: MS Pictures represented with Hime Kishi Angelica vol. 1, After vol. 2, and Megachu vol. 3, while Pink Pineapple brought Warau Kangofu vol. 2 and Suzuki Mirano released Renketsu Houshiki. The third episode of Pixy’s Taimanin Asagi went on sale via download today as well (package version out on Feb. 1), featuring the distinctive directorial stylings of Murakami Teruaki laid over the game‘s original Kagami designs.

Space Yoko / Yomako dakimakura mini review

Cospa's Space Yoko / Yomako dakimakura hug pillow from Gurren Lagann Cospa's Space Yoko / Yomako dakimakura hug pillow from Gurren Lagann

I’m a bit disappointed with the Space Yoko / Yomako pillowcase that I received from Cospa yesterday. The craftsmanship is fine, it’s a typically sturdy piece that speaks well of Cospa’s production ability; the illustrations lose a lot of their appeal when viewed up close, though, and I’m beginning to think that this is more the rule than the exception for Cospa pillows (this is my second after NHK’s Misaki, which looked a lot better online than in person). I doubt I’ll get another Cospa pillow unless the design is obviously exceptional (Donne Anonime) or it’s of a character I can’t do without (Ohno? Please?). I’d only recommend this pillow if you really like the design and don’t mind it looking sketchy up close, or if you’re a huge Yoko fan.

Zounds! Figure review backlog


The picture says it all… I’m trying to figure out ways to streamline the review process so it doesn’t take as long, because there’s so much stuff I want to do with the site I can’t afford to spend the 3-4 hours per review that it’s sometimes taken in the past. The first step will be to concentrate on keeping the images to a manageable number, as that saves time at nearly all stages of the process; expect future reviews (to resume soon, hopefully) with closer to 20 images than 200. Some special figures will still merit the full court press when my itchy trigger finger gets out of control, but moderation has to take hold at some point… or does it?

Play-Asia recommendations

Kotobukiya's Art of Yamashita Shunya Karin polystone bust figure statue Kotobukiya's Art of Yamashita Shunya Noel polystone bust figure statue

Art of Yamashita Shunya
Karin and Noel