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WHF Ariake 17: the best of the rest (garage kits galore)

We wrap up our coverage of World Hobby Festival Ariake 17 today with a look at all the other great stuff that didn’t make it into the earlier posts. Contains a run down of garage kits in the following categories: Anime / Manga, Game, Group, Misc., and Ero (18+). I believe most of the miscellaneous kits are originals, but there are probably a few anime and game ones that I wasn’t able to source; if you can correct me on any of these it would be much appreciated. On to the gallery!

Figure News: year-end release explosion

A whole lot of figures scheduled to come out in December ’07 were teetering on the brink of January, but look like they’re barely going to squeak in under the wire – a veritable torrent of items is coming our way in the week between Christmas and New Years that promises to make this a holiday season to remember for my threadbare wallet to curse for all eternity. Read on for a selected list:

Goods News: Genshiken to be novelized

Thanks to SDS for the heads up on this: according to the recently updated Genshiken anime site, the tale of otaku life and love in a college “modern visual culture” club is set to receive novel treatment. Writing duty for the book’s original story has been passed to Iida Kazutoshi, director of independent game maker Artdink whose past work includes Doshin the Giant and Aquanaut’s Holiday. I’m not sure how this qualifies him to pen a Genshiken novel, but perhaps designing quirky niche games grants one mystical powers… the book is entitled Hainyuu Ranjin no Yabou ~Return of the OTAKU~ and is scheduled for release from Kodansha on January 23rd at 940 yen; the first part of the name translates roughly as “the ambition/treachery of the Dutch pilgrims”, which makes absolutely no sense to me at this point but will hopefully be clarified in due time. Shimoku Kio seems to have given the project his blessing, so I’ll probably pick the book up to see what all the fuss is about… (no more)

[ERO] Game News: goes live!

Several months in the making, Japanese eroge review site Eroge Review (can’t beat the naming sense) is now online! The brain child of Nargrakhan and Ayyo, the site has been established to house English language reviews of Japanese language bishoujo games (primarily adult titles), the only site I’m aware of devoted exclusively to such noble pursuits. There is currently a single review up (the rather underwhelming Kissing!! under the mistletoe), but as the former proprietor of is on board for the project we can likely expect several dozen archival reviews to appear on the site in short order. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but I wish Narg and Ayyo all the best in this endeavor and hope to see a lot more great reviews over the coming year. (no more)