Some bits of figure news coming over the desk from yesterday evening: first is news that Hobby Japan’s online arm Hobby Channel will be offering a 700-piece limited edition run of a black school uniform variant of Alter’s Kanu Unchou PVC from Ikkitousen. She’s set for release in April at specs similar to her regular edition counterpart (1/8 scale, 21.5 cm tall, 7,140 yen) and preorders open at the Hobby Japan online shop on January 7th. See below for more news:

Hobby Japan limited Izuruha (normal ver.) PVC figure from Ru/Li/Lu/Ra, cast off

In other news from Hobby Channel, full details regarding the release of the Ru/Li/Lu/Ra manga collection + Izuruha (normal ver.) figure are now online. The figure and four volume manga set are available as a bundle via mail order from Hobby Japan magazine, running for 7,800 yen with a preorder deadline of February 12th and release scheduled for June of next year. The bundle includes four volumes of A5-size Ru/Li/Lu/Ra manga in a special case, and the figure, which like her predecessor is cast from a single piece of PVC, is 1/8 scale (19 cm tall) and is [ERO] castoffable.

Hobby Japan limited Noriko and Shimako PVC figures from Marimite

Hobby Channel finishes its coverage of HJ-limited figures with the introduction of their Marimite Shimako and Noriko PVCs. As earlier reported Shimako is available exclusively via Hobby Japan magazine and the Hobby Japan Online Shop, while Noriko is available only from convenience store Lawson’s online service Loppi. Why no Marimite figures beyond that abysmal trading figure set have seen general release is an eternal mystery.

Griffon's limited edition dark version Plenair-san (shark backbone crusher ver.) PVC figure

Word is in from Griffon that the limited edition dark version of their Plenair-san (shark crushing ver.) PVC is now available for preorder on Griffon’s official site. Of the figure’s 500 unit limited run 200 are available in this preorder allotment, with the other 300 reserved for sale at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter on February 24th.

Goodsmile's Kino from Kino no Tabi

Goodsmile reports that their Kino PVC from Kino no Tabi was scheduled to ship yesterday, but was recalled at the last minute due to defects discovered in some of the units. Shipping has been postponed indefinitely until the flaws can be completely remedied.

Movic's lineup from Hobby Japan February 2008

Most of the news from the February ’08 edition of Hobby Japan has already been scooped, but looking through the magazine yesterday evening I found a page that was overlooked with a bunch of news from Movic. Most immediately eye-catching is the first look at Movic’s Musubi (race queen ver.) PVC in color, and I have to say that pepto-bismol pink doesn’t do her any favors. I hope she’ll see an alternate color version, though barring that she should be easy enough to repaint given that the offending pieces are all castoffable. Now that she’s in color we’ll be looking for general preorders to open soon.

Also new in this issue from Movic is a pair of “Mizuiro Splash” figures, apparently original-designed ero swimsuit figures. We’ll be looking out for more info and pictures of these; they’re due out in April and June at 6,090 yen each and 1/7 scale.