A whole lot of action on the figure front to sum up today, including a continuation of Cerberus Project’s collaboration with Wafuudou Ganguten, a faux trap figure from Toy’sworks that’s almost Bridgetlicious, a bunny Haruhi + guitar prize figure, a review of the Haruhi itasha model first seen back at the Miyazawa Model exhibition, a step-by-step tour through a Nakoruru castoff, a couple of new angles on Alter’s Kanu, and a Keumaya update. Check it out! Update: Keumaya’s new items up at Toranoana, Revoltech Fraeulein Asuka and Play Stationery Rin up for preorder!

First up on the block, Amiami has a preorder listed today for Wafuudou Ganguten’s Yuzuhara Konomi PVC figure from To Heart 2. She’s sculpted by G.O of garage kit circle Cerberus Project (original kit here), and comes with two configurations included, school swimsuit and uniform. She’s due out in late February at 6,980 yen retail and 1/7 scale (19 cm tall).

Next up, word is in from the official Dragon Age Pure blog that the magazine’s 8th issue (on sale yesterday) contains a preorder form for a PVC figure of Maid wo Nerae!‘s Mochida Natsumi, the manga’s protagonist. She is described as “a lolicon, cosplay maniac, galge maniac ‘regular girl’ with a female body and a male mind”. No specific details on the figure are yet available, but the blog entry mentions that a regular edition brown version of the figure will be coming from Toy’sworks at some point in the future.

From the sculpting hand of Yamamoto Kurizaru comes a look at the prototype for the June ’08 release Sega Prize Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Extra Figure Live Alive courtesy of GA Graphic! The post is careful to note that this prototype will differ from the final product in several areas (no real fishnets, less detail on the guitar, etc.) but it still seems like an ambitious project for a prize figure that retails at 1,000 yen.

Next, Ota Suke has a review up of Aoshima’s Haruhi itasha model kit. We first saw this back at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, but this is the first good look we have at the finished product, which is due out in January. It’s based on a Mazda FD3S RX-7, is 1/24 scale and the kit retails at 3,360 yen (complete with more Haruhi decals than you can shake a stick at).

ASCII has a step-by-step guide online today on how to cast off your Art Storm Nakoruru. The instructions continue here and here; those averse to seeing Nakoruru defiled in such a manner are advised not to click.

Hobby Channel represents today with a multi-angled look at Alter’s Kanu Unchou PVC. This wouldn’t be news save for the above image, which continues to tempt with the possibility of some sort of castoff (possibly Nakoruru style?). I’ve pretty much given up hope, especially seeing how her right arm emerges so snugly from her sleeve, but hey – a fellow can dream. Update: just double checked Amiami’s listing and the above image isn’t new. Guess I’m the victim of some wishful thinking…

caution: larger images contain [ERO] content

Keumaya has updated both his [ERO] main site and his blog with information on his winter (WHF Ariake 17 and Comiket 73) releases. Comiket 73 will see the release of AXIA (red ver.) and VIOLET (pink ver.) at his booth シ45a on December 29th, while AXIA (black ver.) and VIOLET (purple ver.) will be available via mail order from Toranoana shortly thereafter. Those interested in picking up the figures internationally are advised to use a proxy service (see the lower left corner of this site for links) to order her from Toranoana. Update: Toranoana has a listing up for Keumaya’s winter offerings! Preorder begins on Monday, December 24th, and they go on sale officially on January 5th.

Update: general preorders for Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Fraeulein Asuka action figure are now open! She’s been up at Play Asia for a couple of weeks, but those seeking a broader palette of purchasing options should now find them readily available.

Update: Amiami has a preorder listing up this evening for Solid Theater’s Play Stationery 3(rd graders) with Kodomo no Jikan #06 Kokonoe Rin. She’s up at Solid Theater’s official site as well, and should be available elsewhere soon.

That’s all we’ve got so far today – stay tuned for any more tidbits of pre-weekend news that come our way!