I spent the weekend working on a book for Comiket, and while there’s a light at the end of the tunnel it’s still a long way off. I have roughly another 24 hours before the final deadline and it’s a race to the finish at this point, one that will like not involve much sleep… regular updates will resume on Tuesday evening or (more likely) Wednesday morning. I never knew 20 pages of manga could be so long… I just hope the time investment will be worth it in the end. (no more)

Update: it is done. After a night of fatigue post-production duty the book turned out ok, though a few more days of production time and I could’ve of really polished it… putting this together was a learning experience and definitely an incremental step on the road toward something resembling competent doujinshi. Not there yet, but Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Futanari Shinkon Lovers

Ugh, so very tired. =_=

This isn’t something of a quality level that I’d feel comfortable shipping internationally (you really don’t want to pay seven bucks shipping for this, believe me). I’ll probably release it in digital form on the IRC channel shortly after Comiket for those few who may be interested in my lame attempts at maniac ero.