Those who have been reading HD for a while may recall the use of the phrase “Mainichi Junk” to preface quasi-daily newsposts, back in the days when posts were filled with stuff that was actually interesting instead of all this constant spastic figure blather (I kid. A bit). I’m hauling out and dusting off the beloved Junk one more time here today, in a post full of random news that doesn’t really fit anywhere else but could prove to be surprisingly entertaining (if you swing that way).

Anime News

Laura from Mnemosyne

screenshot from the Macross F trailer

  • The first televised look at Macross F will come in the form of an edited version of the first episode, scheduled to air as part of a one-hour 25th anniversary Macross special on MBS on December 23rd, studio Satelight reports.

Figure News

Yujin's Lineage II capsule figures (gashapon)

  • According to a post on 2chan’s mokeiura board, Yujin’s Lineage II capsule figures are scheduled for release on November 28th. We’ll be keeping a sharp lookout for any order information on these.

Aoshima's Funny Knights Petra (Milestone ver.) PVC

  • Aoshima’s Funny Knights Yamashita Shunya-designed Petra PVC figure is coming in a limited alternate color Milestone version, now available for preorder. [Getchu] [Amiami]

Miku likes her leeks.

  • In her first two days up for preorder Goodsmile’s Hatsune Miku Nendoroid sold over 10,000 units at Amazon alone, according to IT Media. 恐ろしい娘だー

Shuraki vol. 5, Rize

  • The first official production shot of Shuraki vol. 5 Rize is up on her official site! And now it’s up here, too.

Ero News

Nidaime wa Mahou Shoujo

  • The best fresh idea for an eroge concept I’ve seen in awhile comes in the newly announced Sumikko Soft title, Nidaime wa Mahou Shoujo. While comparisons with Amazume Ryuuta‘s Nidaime wa Cosplayer are perhaps inevitable, the idea of a heroine who is both the heir to a yakuza franchise and a magical girl is positively delicious and I’ll be watching the development of this game with more than a passing curiosity.

fripside NAO project's Rabbit Syndrome

  • Via Getchu: fripSide NAO project is releasing their first album! Dubbed Rabbit Syndrome it features 11 remastered tracks including a mix of work they’ve done for games, original tracks, and remixes, and is due out on January 25th at 2,625 yen (tax included).

    The group first came to my attention with the killer denpa track they laid down as the theme to 13cc’s Ane wa Erokomi Henshuusha, a must download if you haven’t heard it yet. MOSAIC.WAV may just have some serious competition on their hands here….

Purichichi #01 Shiratori Amane chest enhanced dakimakura hug pillow

  • Purichichi #01 Shiratori Amane went on sale yesterday, according to the various Akiba Blogs. Apparently she sold out within the day, so it’s off to the auctions for those who didn’t manage to snag theirs in preorder… I’m hoping to see my copy arrive in the next day or two, and will have a review up shortly after that. :3


just how old is Queen's Blade Cattleya?

  • Just how old is Queen’s Blade Cattleya? This is the controversial topic tackled in the first installment of Hobby Channel’s new feature “The Beautiful Warrior’s Consultation Office That Forms A Long Line”.

    Cattleya herself prevaricates on the question, but a helpful Hobby Japan staff member steps in to remind us that according to her description in the rear of her book, along with her husband Owen she was a famous adventurer who retired and opened a blacksmith shop around the time Rana was born. Assuming she adventured for long enough to gain a reputation (until the age of 22-25, perhaps) and that Rana is 6-7 years old, we can do the math…