According to their product listings, Yamato‘s Yamashita Shunya designed, Cerberus Project sculpted [ERO] Guitar Girl Arisa and their [ERO] Story Image Figure Sonsaku Hakufu (high kick ver.) are both in stock and shipping now! Buying via these links is a great chance to pick them up if you haven’t snagged them via preorder yet, and you can support HD in the process. Akibajin blog is reporting today as well that Movic‘s Sekirei Matsu figure is now on store shelves (and just arrived here, in fact – expect a review later tonight or tomorrow morning). More whoredom / news below:

Additional items now up for preorder at Play Asia include:

If you’d like to preorder any of these via Play Asia it would be seriously kickass. If not, that would also be seriously kickass.

Update: Late-breaking news this evening that Holstein Hanako-san is now shipping as well! Given her castoffable hotness she’s sure to disappear fast, so prompt action is advised if you want to get her at anywhere close to retail price…