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Figure Review: Movic’s Matsu PVC from Sekirei

As an ardent fan of the Sekirei manga and an equal opportunity devotee of the various female members of its cast, back when she was announced I found Movic’s Matsu impossible to ignore. I have a critical weakness for brainy girls with glasses, and despite her uncharacteristically racy attire in this figure Matsu fits the profile perfectly… How does she compare to Tsukiumi and Musubi? Read on for our third Sekirei figure review!

Newsbit 0032

Max Factory Ruka and Bridget galleries up at Amiami

Figure News: Yamato’s Guitar Girl Arisa and high kick Hakufu, Movic’s Matsu now on sale

According to their product listings, Yamato‘s Yamashita Shunya designed, Cerberus Project sculpted [ERO] Guitar Girl Arisa and their [ERO] Story Image Figure Sonsaku Hakufu (high kick ver.) are both in stock and shipping now! Buying via these links is a great chance to pick them up if you haven’t snagged them via preorder yet, and you can support HD in the process. Akibajin blog is reporting today as well that Movic‘s Sekirei Matsu figure is now on store shelves (and just arrived here, in fact – expect a review later tonight or tomorrow morning). More whoredom / news below:

Misc. News: Mainichi Junk encore

Those who have been reading HD for a while may recall the use of the phrase “Mainichi Junk” to preface quasi-daily newsposts, back in the days when posts were filled with stuff that was actually interesting instead of all this constant spastic figure blather (I kid. A bit). I’m hauling out and dusting off the beloved Junk one more time here today, in a post full of random news that doesn’t really fit anywhere else but could prove to be surprisingly entertaining (if you swing that way).

Figure News: CM’s’ lifesize Kokonoe Rin figure now in color

Figure maker CM’s updated the official site for their Kodomo no Jikan Kokonoe Rin vinyl figure today with photos of her finished color version, and I must say they’re underwhelming. CM’s incompetence at smaller scales is well documented, but I thought they’d have an easier time with something closer to human size… apparently not. I’d imagine some who preordered before these shots appeared are having second thoughts right about now. (no more)

Newsbit 0031

Meifeng for sale; details here

Figure News: Daiki Kougyou’s Shiranui Mai (black ver.) PVC from King of Fighters unveiled

First scooped last week as fallout from the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, last night Daiki put up an official listing for their Cobra-Kai (Toushirou) sculpted Shiranui Mai (black ver.) PVC figure from King of Fighters. She’s scheduled to go up for sale via standard distribution channels at specs similar to those of her standard issue counterpart, 1/5 scale (33 cm tall) and 14,700 yen retail. Production is limited to 2,000 pieces, and release is expected in March of next year. I like the look of this version, but at that price I can’t afford two copies of the same kit… ;_; Update: she’s now up for preorder at Amiami, and Daiki has changed their listing from 2,000 units to a 1,000 unit limited run. (no more)

Magazine Review: Comp H’s (Comp Heroines) Vol. 7

The most recent edition of bishoujo anime magazine Comp H’s came in yesterday, complete with its usual passel of pinup posters (alliteration not included) and the obligatory dose of Kadokawa mandated Kyoani tie-ups (mostly Lucky Star). Read on for a preview of the poster selection as well as the other goodies bundled with this issue of the delicious ‘zine!