After looking through the Miyazawa Model Exhibition posts at Akiba Hobby and Moeyo a bit more thoroughly I’ve made a list of items with new and updated information that was presented at the event (along with a few redundancies from our previous coverage). The list can be found below, and will be updated as more detailed information is posted to the various blogs; if there’s something I’ve missed please let me know!

Upcoming figure releases scooped at the fall ’07 Miyazawa Model Exhibition:

Note: everything mentioned below is coming in PVC unless specified otherwise.

Max Factory / Figma


Note: wholesale orders for Kanu and Reinforce close on December 15th, so both should be listed for preorder quite shortly.

Daiki Kougyou

Orchid Seed


Solid Theater

  • Shota Play Stationery
  • (1, 2) (original)


Vance Project

Aizu Project

Sega Prize (Kurushima?)


  • Spica
  • (doujin figure) (original)