Yoshizaki Mine‘s TECH Win magazine mascot character Win-chan has seen three PVC incarnations to date from Kaiyodo’s Organic line, but last night Solid Theater broke new ground with the announcement of their own take on the voluptuous PC idol. Their OS Idol Win-chan PVC is scheduled for release in February of 2008 at 1/6 scale (16 cm tall) and 6,300 yen, with sculpting duty handled by zenko. An alternate color Miyazawa Mokei limited edition is available as well. See below for further details on this kit and the Win-chan character:

Heisei Democracy Figure News: Yoshizaki Mine's Win-chan coming in PVC from Solid Theater Heisei Democracy Figure News: Yoshizaki Mine's Win-chan coming in PVC from Solid Theater

Solid Theater’s regular and limited edition Win-chan

According to the kit description on Solid Theater’s site Yoshizaki drew the original illustration that was its basis with reference to an “American nude model”. The more you know! I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking this up, as I’m a sucker for all things Win-chan…

Who is Win-chan? Is she an OS-tan?

Win-chan isn’t an OS-tan, and in fact predates the 2chan OS-tan craze. She was a regular feature in Enterbrain’s TECH Win magazine from October 1998 to April 2002, illustrated by Yoshizaki Mine of Keroro Gunsou fame. The complete TECH Win Win-chan art series along with several extras has been collected in the mook Sky Blue, available from amazon.co.jp here (HLJ has a listing with pictures, though it’s out of stock there).

Win-chan has been rendered in resin several times, including two versions by Enoki Tomohide of circle eyewater, one by Tohn (Fuyune) of Ame no Hare no Hi, and one by Aoi of Night Blue (as crappily assembled and painted by me). Here’s hoping for more PVC versions to come, to spare everyone the horror of my nightmarish paint jobs…

Win-chan character information pulled from our review of Kaiyodo’s first Win-chan PVC release