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[ERO] Game News: Jinkou Shoujo 3 demo movie available for download

Illusion put up a demo movie on its official site yesterday for Jinkou Shoujo 3, their latest venture into polygon-based ero (first scooped here in August). The movie is mostly a compilation of flash videos that can already be found on the site, but there’s a bit at the end that makes downloading worth while. While you’re there a download of the free character construction tool is recommended as well, I’ve been playing around with it and have managed to come up with some fun stuff. Despite the limitations still evident in the gameplay (they’re using the same cheesy sound effects they’ve used in every game since 2002) this is a title I’ve been anticipating for years now and I can’t wait to get my hands on the full version when it comes out on November 30th. For no apparent reason an attempt to build a vaguely Mogudan-esque Rei is below:

Figure Review: Chrono Gate’s Mylene Hoffman PVC from 009-1

There’s a limit to the amount of skin you can show on a figure and still classify it as non-ero, and Chrono Gate’s Mylene is just about at that limit. This is what initially drew me to the kit, and my appreciation of her original design and affinity for the 009-1 anime sealed the deal. Were these reasons enough to justify the purchase? I’m not entirely sure, but maybe you’ll have a more concrete opinion…

[ERO] Goods News: Toranoana-limited official Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny “fan book” up for preorder

Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny meets the stars of the doujin world in a 36 page, B5 size full color illustration compilation set for limited release from Toranoana, entitled the Ikkitousen DD Official Visual Fan Book. Featuring the likes of Mogudan, Kino Hitoshi, Eiwa, Azasuke, Same, and Maruto, it’s hard to imagine a higher profile collection of artists gathered to deliver their renditions of mangaka Shiozaki Yuuji’s iconic cast of characters. The volume is available for preorder from Toranoana now, with release expected on November 23rd at 1,050 yen. Those interested internationally will have to investigate proxy options as this is a Tora-only limited release. Sample images and further information below:

Goods News: Nice boat… the T-shirt

Maritime enthusiasts take note! You can now display your pride in the world’s nautical achievements with a new shirt for sale at J-List. Whether you prefer the prow, the stern, the port, or the starboard, we all know a seaworthy vessel when we see one, and it’s clear that this is a beautiful specimen indeed. Declare your affiliation with ships of sound construction and wear a nice boat today! (no more)

Figure News: 1/1 scale Potemayo figure coming from CM’s

The official Potemayo anime site updated yesterday with the news that a 1/1 scale Potemayo figure is currently in production. Not satisfied with their 1/1 Kokonoe Rin maker CM’s is on the job for this one as well, though unlike Rin Potemayo will go on sale in February at the rather more reasonable price of 8,925 yen (Potemayo voice actress Hanazawa Kana not included). We’ll be watching for color shots and preorder information as it becomes available. (no more)

Goods News: Yoko (Space Look x Yomako ver.) dakimakura cover coming from Cospa

Via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute: Word is in from 2D goods maker Nijigen Cospa that they’ll be producing a second hug pillowcase featuring Yoko, heroine of Gainax’s Gurren Lagann TV anime (we scooped the first one back in July). This new version features images of her as she appears later in the show, in what Cospa calls her “space look” and her “Yomako” look respectively (wonder where they got the idea for Yomako?). The case is now available for preorder at Cospa, with release scheduled for late January at 150×50 cm and 9,450 yen retail (case only). Picture below: