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[ERO] Game News: Sei Shoujo’s not dead!

We reported exactly a year ago today that Sei Shoujo (Erogamescape), the legendary artist and scenario writer behind Bible Black, Discipline, and Cleavage (among others), was working on a new game for the Skunkworks brand entitled “Starless”. The game was originally given a release window of summer 2007 (which has obviously passed), but thanks to an update at the Skunkworks site Starless has been given a revised date of spring 2008! This alone would not necessarily indicate that Sei Shoujo was still alive and kicking, but HD has it on good authority (secondhand from the president of Will) that work on the game is in fact proceeding. If this news is any indication, his nearly three year absence from the eroge world should soon be coming to an end – we’ll be watching closely for further confirmation. (no more)

[ERO] Figure Review: Beagle’s Space Pirate PVC from Intron Depot #4

Looking back to this kit’s announcement in June I can’t quite recall what attracted me to her – wait, it’s coming. Oh yeah, it was the yellow KEEP OUT tape. I just can’t stay away from that stuff… I’m not much of a Masamune Shirow connoisseur beyond Ghost in the Shell and I don’t own any of his Intron artbooks, but toss a figure like this in my direction and you’ll get my attention every time. Read on for a look at a nice, unpretentious ero kit:

Figure News: official Wonder Festival page updated for 2008 Winter

It’s never too soon to start the hype for the year’s biggest biannual figure and garage kit expo, and Kaiyodo kicks things off in their typically sparse style with a minor update to their official Wonder Festival page. We get a first glimpse of the new Wonda and Reset designs that will grace the event catalog on February 24th, as well as some interesting attendance statistics: they expect 43,000 people to come to the event this winter (up from 36,500 two years ago), and will be occupying five of the six East halls of the Tokyo Big Sight. As the event approaches the next official update we can expect will be over at, so we’ll keep an eye open early in the new year for that. If you’re looking for some time to kill in the interim why not check out our coverage of Wonder Fesival 2007 Summer? (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile presents a first look at Solid Theater’s Saber Alter, Shuraki #4

Toda Satoshi’s (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku) Solid Theater produced, Goodsmile disributed Saber Alter arrived at Goodsmile’s offices today, according to the official Goodsmile blog. It features the fanatical attention to detail at a remarkably small scale that made his Kazeko kit so popular (with me at least), and unless my eyes are broken this time as well I’d say she’ll be a very popular item (who can resist a kit that looks like a cross between Saber and Diablo?). With her in Goodsmile hands we can expect preorders up soon. In other news from Goodsmile, Needa, the Yamashita Shunya designed fourth entry to the Shuraki multimedia figure series, has a color prototype of her kit online as well – complete with 360° rotating video. I’m really digging the zettai ryouiki on this one… :3 (no more)

Figure News: FREEing’s Lucky Star trading figure collection vol. 2 unveiled

It was barely a month ago that we reported on the first volume of Lucky Star trading figures coming from FREEing, and today Goodsmile’s official site brings news that it will be followed by a second set. This new set is scheduled for release in January of next year at 420 yen per unit, with five characters and one secret, each approximately 5 cm tall. Included characters are Tamura Hiyori, Patricia Martin, Kobayakawa Yutaka, Iwasaki Minami, and Narumi Yui. We’re still awaiting news of Lucky Star in PVC… (no more)

Figure News: Kokonoe Rin Play Stationery now in color

We scooped Solid Theater‘s upcoming Kodomo no Jikan Play Stationery figure lineup last month, and the goods section of the official Kojika anime site updated today with a first glimpse at what Kokonoe Rin will look like in color. Release is scheduled for next spring, and while the price has yet to be disclosed she’s sure to be a fair sight more affordable than her life-sized counterpart… Images below: