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Figure News: Capcom / Organic’s Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi Furinji Miu and Kousaka Shigure PVCs on sale

If you’ve been wondering what Tandem Twin was up to for the past several months (aside from not releasing new garage kits at Wonder Festival), the answer hit store shelves yesterday: Capcom / Organic’s Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi Furinji Miu and Kousaka Shigure PVCs are now on sale! We got them in this evening and will have reviews up within the next few days. Preview below:

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[ERO] Chichinoe+2 is in stock at Play Asia

[ERO] Figure Review: Orchid Seed’s Chichinoe+2 Young Hip Cover Girl PVC

Announced last April just prior to Orchid Seed’s successful Chichinoe+ Cover Girl PVC release, this has been one of the figures I’ve personally anticipated most this year. Her release was delayed multiple times, the cause of the delay eventually revealed to be the pliant chest part added as an option to the kit in mid-production. Was she worth the wait, and how does she stack up against her predecessor? Overall quite well, despite some unpleasant drawbacks that mar her otherwise exceptional design.

Figure News: Yujin throws a castoff curveball

A preorder listing went up at Amiami today for a Yujin-produced SRDX SP Zoids Mousou Senki Serika Ruucraft PVC figure, from ZOIDS Mousou Senki (a ZOIDS webcomic formerly serialized on Tomy’s official site, since taken offline). It seems at first blush from Amiami’s gallery that she’s a full upper castoff, but this isn’t the case – according to the product description she’s wearing a swimsuit underneath (albeit one without shoulder straps, or a back strap…). The quality is a typical Yujin atrocity, and I doubt even the super-scanty castoff will be enough to convince many to part with their hard-earned 5,670 yen when she’s released in February of next year. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile maid Saber and Rin rereleases set for next March

Word is in from figure maker Goodsmile today that their Saber (maid ver.) and Rin (maid ver.) PVCs from Fate/stay night will be reissued in March of ’08 to coincide with the release of their maid version Rider (announced yesterday). Maid Saber originally went on sale in March of this year at 4,800 yen (1/8 scale, 18.5 cm tall) while maid Rin was released in June with similar price and size specifications. (no more)

Figure News: Clayz presents To Heart 2 XRATED’s Kusugawa Sasara

I could just bump the earlier post yet again but I figured this was worth its own original mention: last night Hobby Channel revealed that Clayz will be producing yet another To Heart 2 PVC figure, Kusugawa Sasara. Like Tama-nee and Manaka before her she’s listed at 1/6 scale and 5,800 yen retail, scheduled for release in the spring of 2008. Of the four TH2 figures announced in this Clayz blitz thus far this is the one I’m liking the looks of the most, though I’m still thinking that when it comes down to it Resinya’s offering may be the only PVC Sasara for me. (no more)

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[ERO] Chichinoe+2 is shipping today