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Goods News: Horibe Hiderou second artbook “COLORS” release details confirmed

Plans have been in the works for several months to produce a second artbook compilation of the works of Horibe Hiderou (Wikipedia), the promising illustrator and character designer who died a tragic death of heart failure last year at age 36. Word is in today from Mangaoh that the details of the volume have been confirmed: the book known as COLORS is being produced by Jive Publishing, scheduled for release in late December at 2,604 yen (tax included), at size A4 (total page number unknown). The volume will contain illustration material not included in Yours (his first artbook), drawn from the various PC and console games he worked on including Interlude, Elf’s [ERO] Shuusaku and Kisaku, as well as his unfinished work on unpublished games and several memorial illustrations and newly colored images. I’m glad to see that such a talented illustrator is being honored in this way after his death… the book is currently available for order internationally via the Mangaoh link above. (no more)

Site News: figure release schedule updated

I just put the finishing touches on an update to the HD figure release schedule, which for the uninitiated is a way that you can pay more for figures than you really have to and support this site in the process. If for some crazy reason you would desire to do so I highly advise checking it out! In other related pandering, Daiki Kougyou’s [ERO] Sanae PVC is currently in stock at Play Asia. This is possibly the last chance to obtain her via retail channels as only 3,000 units of the figure were produced, and once they’re gone it’s curtains(no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile / Max Factory’s March ’08 lineup unveiled! Includes maid Rider, AT2 Ruka, Bridget

Figure maker Goodsmile updated their official site today with three new items scheduled for release in March of next year. First up is what they’re billing in English as Rider Fantasy: Modest Maid, featuring the vituperative antagonist of Fate / stay night in a rather more mild setting. She’ll be coming from Goodsmile at 1/8 scale (21.5 cm tall) and 5,800 yen. Next up is Ruka, one of the two main heroines of Gust / Banpresto’s bishoujo RPG Ar Tonelico 2. She’ll be coming from Max Factory at 1/8 scale (19 cm tall) and 7,200 yen. Finally Max Factory brings us the androgynous Bridget, the (in)famous gender bending fighter from the Guilty Gear game franchise. He’ll be out at 1/7 scale (22 cm tall) and 6,800 yen retail. It’s good to finally see some of these figures we’ve been tracking for months finally online, and with preorders just around the corner! (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: standalone alternate color Queen’s Blade Cattleya up for preorder

A standalone version of Megahouse‘s Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade Cattleya PVC figure (the normal version of which comes with her son Rana) was rumored back when the figure was confirmed in Hobby Japan last month, and now she’s finally up for preorder at Amiami – albeit in a slightly different color configuration and armed with a different weapon. Like the normal version this standalone kit is due out in February of next year, at 1/8 scale (22.5 cm tall) and 5,775 yen retail. A bit of a disappointment for fans hoping for the regular color version without Rana, but it’s still a nice option to have available. Pictures below:

Figure News: T’s System Tama-nee, Manaka PVCs coming from Clayz

Late last night Hobby Channel updated with a pair of scoops on two new To Heart 2 figures coming from sculptor Miyagawa Takeshi and PVC maker Clayz: a Kousaka Tamaki PVC and a Komaki Manaka PVC. Both are 1/6 scale and set to retail at 5,800 yen next spring. Neither of these does much for me personally, but it’s nice to see Clayz getting a bit more active on the PVC side of things again. If only they’d put out some of the material showcased at the Moe~ro Matsuri. 07/11/13 Update: Hobby Channel scooped yet another Clayz Tama-nee figure last night, with the same release specifications as the earlier two. I wonder what’s up with the sudden rush of announcements… (no more)

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[ERO] Sanae is available at Play Asia!