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Doubutsu Nee-chan Momo updated with [ERO] chest option shots

[ERO] Figure Review: Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae PVC from Shokunyuu 2

The hype for Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae PVC grew steadily from the moment she was announced in June, through her listing in Hobby Japan in July, the scooping of her malleable chest in August, Amiami’s image update in September, her release delay to November in October, and finally the [ERO] revelation of her anatomical detail when she went on sale last week. After putting her through her paces today I can say with confidence that this is the best kit Daiki has ever produced, and is indeed a milestone in the development of PVC-based erotica. An excessive amount of pictorial evidence follows. Update: Sanae is currently available at Play Asia once again, though who knows for how long.

Anime News: Macross F trailer online

We’ve been tracking the production of Macross F since it was first announced in March that a new “utahime” was being sought to star in it. She was found, and today we get our first look at Satelight‘s tour de force that brings together the talent of mech designer and writer Kawamori Shouji, composer Kanno Youko, character designer Ebata Risa (responsible for [ERO] this) and director Kikuchi Yasuhito in a trailer, at least, that is looking quite simply spectacular. The series seems to be Kawamori’s to screw up at this point, but hopefully the rest of the production staff won’t let his more bizarre flights of fancy get too far out of hand. We’ll be watching closely for further news! (no more)