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[ERO] Figure News: Amiami provides uncensored shots of Yamato’s Tandem Twin Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu Aruma PVC

We scooped her castoffability yesterday, and Amiami was kind enough to update this evening with some new gallery images that don’t shirk away from showing us what hides beneath her armored breastplate. I just hope they can deliver something approaching this quality in the production version of the kit… Amiami’s gallery images reproduced below:

Figure News: Clayz’s Escalayer PVC from Beat Angel Escalayer up for preorder

We first reported on Clayz’s foray into the world of Alice Soft eroge Beat Angel Escalayer back in September, and news is in from Amiami this evening that the game’s heroine now walks among us – in preorder form, at least. Clayz’s Escalayer PVC represents at 1/6 scale (26 cm tall) and 7,665 yen retail, with release expected in January of next year; the sculpt is from juggernaut craftsman Miyakawa Takeshi (Amiami search), and while I don’t see it offering much competition to Alter’s version this will be a nice alternative for Escalayer fans out there. (no more)

Figure News: Alter, Happinet present POP’s Alice in Wonderland in PVC

Famed moe artist POP presented his take on Fushigi no Kuni no Arisu (Alice in Wonderland) back in April of 2006, and now his vision is being enacted in the 3D realm in this new Alice PVC figure announced from Alter (production) and Happinet (sales and distribution) today. She clocks in at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall) and a slightly pricey 7,329 yen retail, with release scheduled for March of 2008; this looks to me like nothing less than an attempt to go head to head with Goodsmile’s recently announced Pastel Ink diorama figure, and I can only see an escalation of this war between former bedfellows as a tremendous windfall for fans of POP’s particular brand of hyper-saccharine cuteness. Alice is already up for preorder at Amiami and should be appearing elsewhere as I type this. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Griffon’s Kanu Unchou (LTD DX ver.) PVC from Ikkitousen up for preorder

Amiami put a preorder listing up this evening for Griffon‘s (R-Line‘s?) upcoming [ERO] Kanu Unchou (LTD DX ver.) PVC figure from Ikkitousen. This is a PVC version of an earlier released Griffon garage kit and is sculpted by Ikeda Ryouichi, clocking in at 1/7 scale and 6,825 yen retail. Unlike the original resin kit she comes complete with a “damage version” interchangeable shirt part, and is set for release in December; looks like a winner to me, and I hope Griffon decides to keep on converting their resins to PVCs like this. Edit: Y reminds us that this figure originally came out in PVC as a Hobby Japan mail order limited item earlier this year. It seems the only difference between the two versions (other than the additional damaged shirt part) is the green trim of her uniform blouse, and a bit more slippage up front. Amiami gallery reproduced below:

[ERO] Game News: G.J? presents Shinchinin no Online Gamers “The Anime”

A surprise announcement from eroge maker G.J? on Tuesday that they will be releasing a new version of their summer 2005 title Shichinin no Online Gamers. Dubbed “Shichinin no Online Gamers THE ANIME” it’s set to retail on November 22nd at 6,090 yen, and is described as containing “full screen cel animation” scenes; it’s a common gimmick for DVD player compatible versions of games to include additional bits of animation like this at around this price point, which makes me wonder why this is a PC release and not aiming for the wider DVD market. Regardless it’s hard to see it as anything other than a quick cash infusion between titles (the fact that there’s no official product page or samples of the animation speaks volumes). I just hope it’ll bring in enough fundage to feed Sano Toshihide and his family until the master’s next magnum opus is released. Whoredom below the fold: