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[ERO] Figure News: Yamato’s Tandem Twin-sculpted Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu Aruma PVC castoff exposed

Akiba Hobby reports this evening that a figure we’ve been keeping an eye on for awhile now, Yamato’s Tandem Twin sculpted Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu Aruma, is in fact castoffable. This is a sensible move on Yamato’s part given the slow sales of some of the other items in their Doubutsu Nee-chan series, and given the recent announcement of exchangeable chest part Momo wasn’t an entirely unexpected development. She’s currently available for preorder, and I expect this revelation will bump her up on the priority list for many (myself included). In other Tandem Twin news, he’s currently working on a catgirl resin kit that should be released by year’s end (my money is on WHF Ariake 17 in December). (no more)

Figure Review: Movic’s Cocona PVC (Yamashita Shunya original)

We first brought news of Cocona when she appeared at Hobby Stock on August 10th, and in the remarkably short turnaround time of two and a half months from announcement to release she was here on the doorstep at the end of October. I wasn’t interested in Movic’s first Shunya-designed figure Rosanna, but Cocona’s design really appealed to me so I decided to take the plunge; despite the lack of castoff or other gimmicks she’s a decent item, though not in the top rank of stuff we’ve seen from Yamashita in the past.

[ERO] Goods News: Toranoana’s Shinzui doujin compilations up for preorder

We first reported on the production of this set of [ERO] Toranoana limited doujin compilations back in October when they were still just a glimmer in the eye of a hard working Tora staff member and a stack of loose paper. Turn away for a couple of weeks and lo – the box set set is already sold out, and the first printing of the first two books is gone as well. The four books are B5 size, 124 pages each, 1,050 yen a piece and feature an amazing array of famous artists (samples and links available here). Those who got in on the first wave of preorders will be seeing the first two volumes on November 9th and the second two on the 16th; those like myself who just realized the darn thing was available are left to weep bitter tears and accept our shipments at a later date. Those looking to purchase what seems like a legendary set in the making will have to go proxy diving, because Toranoana sucks. (no more)

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Mogudan updates his new site yet again

[ERO] Figure News: Ignis the White in stock at Play Asia

Checking up on Play Asia‘s figure listings just now it seems that Ignis the White is currently in stock! This may be the best opportunity for those who missed her via preorder to pick her up at a reasonable price (and support HD in the process). Edit: it seems that Cattleya is up for preorder as well, for fans of the more bustily endowed persuasion. (no more)