Pages appeared on the Goodsmile official site today for a pair of new PVC figures coming from Art Storm: Kyoudou Senna, sculpted by Cerberus Project‘s French Doll, and Shion, the work of Cerberus’s Sunny Day. Both are characters from the 2003 Alice Soft eroge Daibanchou, both are 1/7 scale (22 and 20 cm tall respectively), and both are due out in March of ’08 at 6,800 yen retail. Art Storm is reaching into Cerberus’s back catalog here with both of these first appearing in resin form at events in 2004 (Senna, Shion); both sculptors have since improved their craft considerably. Castoff status is unknown, but at least some removal options seem likely; preorders are up for both PVCs at Amiami already, and should appear elsewhere soon. (no more)