While the hype for Comiket 73 officially began a week ago when Frontier Works announced they’d be hosting Hatsune Miku goods in their industry booth, the real pay dirt hit over the weekend with the release of doujin circle selection results for the event. For those planning on attending (or subsequently obtaining the fallout via other means), now is the time to start checking your favorite circles’ websites and sketching out your preliminary map routes! We’ll continue to provide regular updates as the winter convention season roars into full swing, though if things are a bit sparse around here for the next several weeks it’s because I seem to have made it into the event as a circle myself… more on that as it develops. For more information on Comiket (and doujin acquisition in particular) I recommend checking out the excellent and super awesome incomplete Heisei Democracy How to Comiket guide, linked below:

Part III and the conclusion are obviously quite unfinished, and those along with the odyssey that has led me to my own circle participation are Comiket topics I’d like to cover over the weeks leading up to the event (December 29th through the 31st, for those not checking the HD event calendar at this very minute).

Comiket 73 circle tickets

Comiket 73 circle tickets.

That said, I’ve got a lot of drawing to do between now and mid-December and that is going to have to take priority over posting about said drawing. I’d be happy to answer any specific questions about the event, and hope you’ll bear with me if things get a little rough around here for awhile.

note: the C73 catalogs will be available on 12/8 (paper) and 12/15 (CD-ROM).