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Event News: Comic Market 73 circle application results are in

While the hype for Comiket 73 officially began a week ago when Frontier Works announced they’d be hosting Hatsune Miku goods in their industry booth, the real pay dirt hit over the weekend with the release of doujin circle selection results for the event. For those planning on attending (or subsequently obtaining the fallout via other means), now is the time to start checking your favorite circles’ websites and sketching out your preliminary map routes! We’ll continue to provide regular updates as the winter convention season roars into full swing, though if things are a bit sparse around here for the next several weeks it’s because I seem to have made it into the event as a circle myself… more on that as it develops. For more information on Comiket (and doujin acquisition in particular) I recommend checking out the excellent and super awesome incomplete Heisei Democracy How to Comiket guide, linked below:

Figure News: Art Storm presents Kyoudou Senna and Shion PVCs from Alice Soft’s Daibanchou ~ Big Bang Age

Pages appeared on the Goodsmile official site today for a pair of new PVC figures coming from Art Storm: Kyoudou Senna, sculpted by Cerberus Project‘s French Doll, and Shion, the work of Cerberus’s Sunny Day. Both are characters from the 2003 Alice Soft eroge Daibanchou, both are 1/7 scale (22 and 20 cm tall respectively), and both are due out in March of ’08 at 6,800 yen retail. Art Storm is reaching into Cerberus’s back catalog here with both of these first appearing in resin form at events in 2004 (Senna, Shion); both sculptors have since improved their craft considerably. Castoff status is unknown, but at least some removal options seem likely; preorders are up for both PVCs at Amiami already, and should appear elsewhere soon. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Yamato updates with guitar girl Arisa details

Figure maker Yamato put up a page on their official site today detailing the goodies that come in the box with their Creator’s Labo #014 Arisa PVC figure. Designed by the intrepid Yamashita Shunya and sculpted by Sunny Day of circle Cerberus Project, Yamato’s post gives a better look at the kit’s option parts including her blouse, garters, skirt, glasses, and guitar. It seems like they’re really putting a lot of effort into this one, and I can’t wait to see her in the flesh plastic… it seems I’m not the only one thinking this, as she’s sold out in preorder at Play Asia already (though still available at J-List). Release is expected later this month. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae PVC comes with do-it-yourself implant kit, articulated lower half

Daiki Kougyou‘s Sanae PVC from Kotoyoshi Yumisuke‘s eromanga Shokunyuu 2 went on sale yesterday, and boy did it come with some surprises. A poster at 2chan’s mokeiura board delivers the horrifically fascinating details of what is apparently a silicone (?) gel injection kit that comes with the figure (syringe and all), meant to enhance the included pliant bosoms (presumably not via liberal application to their outer surface as the pictures imply). Also, upon castoff of the scanty bits she’s wearing underneath we find a sculpt that is quite anatomically correct, the first such detailed item we’ve seen in PVC for a very long time. I’ve reproduced the pictures from the 2chan thread below, but be warned – these are some of the most graphic and generally gross photos you’re going to see on HD this year. I repeat: do not view this post unless you are prepared to view disturbing images. 18+ ONLY, NWS.