In what marks a first for Kaiyodo’s Bome Collection line of PVC figures, over the weekend their most recent installment (#26 Akira) was put on display at the company’s Hobby Lobby location in Akihabara accompanied by the revelation that her top is castoffable (Moeyo coverage, Akiba OS coverage). We scooped her production at Wonder Festival this past summer, and new information reveals that she is an original character first released by Bome as a garage kit at the same event in 1999, now presesnted as part of his signature PVC lineup and scheduled for release in December. This revelation is sure to increase demand for what was otherwise a figure I think many of us would have overlooked; she’s available for preorder from Play Asia right now if you’d like to support HD with your purchase. This is one we’ll be keeping an eye on as her sales date approaches. (no more)