During a habitual run through 2chan’s mokeiura board this morning I noticed a most curious item that bore further investigation. It turns out that Wani Books, publishers of the Comic Gum manga anthology in which Ikkitousen is serialized, is producing what they’re calling an Ikkitousen Treasure Limited BOX Publication. It’s a …box, apparently, containing seven special limited edition items which are detailed below:

[ERO] Goods News: Wani Books presents [ERO] Goods News: Wani Books presents

  • An original volume of “gaiden” (side story) Ikkitousen manga drawn by Shiozaki Yuuji, not found in any other serialized or compiled format
  • A set of 13 B4-sized posters featuring the cover illustrations of the 13 volumes of Ikkitousen manga released thus far
  • A Sonsaku Hakufu bust figure, ~13.5 cm tall, sculpted by Yamamoto Masahiro, produced by Griffon and compatible with 1/6 scale doll parts (sold separately)
  • A Kanu Unchou oppai mousepad complete with contoured gel bosoms
  • A Ryomou Shimei “cell phone cleaner” (looks kind of like a patch)
  • A set of 15 Ikkitousen-themed clear manga covers, sized to fit the released tankoubon
  • Sonsaku Hakufu panties…. panda print, as featured in volume five of the manga.

All this can be yours in March of 2008 at the bargain price (?) of 15,750 yen! This information and the above pictures were compiled from Digitamin’s listing as well as the official promotional page at the Comic Gum website; the item is available internationally from Amazon and Mangaoh.

I’m not sure if all of these items put together really adds up to the asking price (they probably don’t), but for Kanu fans this may be the only opportunity we’re going to get to see her emblazoned on a mousepad in this particularly appealing (though rather awkwardly illustrated) way. It’s tempting, but I think I’ll hold out for more details before taking the plunge. Preorders close on December 15th, so there’s still some time to decide…