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Figure News: Orchid Seed’s Magical Amber PVC from Tsukihime* up for preorder

First announced to be in production back at Wonder Festival, word is in from Amiami this evening that Orchid Seed‘s Magical Amber PVC figure is now up for preorder. Magical Amber is a character from the broader Tsukihime franchise, not explicitly created by Type Moon but authorized by them (I think – she apparently shows up in Character Material as well); I’m finding it virtually impossible to definitively source this character, but it seems she is a parody variant of Kohaku who appears in Melty Blood Re-ACT. The figure is scheduled for release in February of next year at 1/7 scale (23 cm tall) and 6,800 yen retail, with a sculpt from makeplus. (no more)

Figure News: Gundam 00’s Felt Grace, Christina Sierra see prize figure release from Banpresto

GA Graphic is reporting this evening that the two remaining main heroines from Gundam 00, Felt Grace and Christina Sierra, will be seeing release in prize figure form from Banpresto in the third week of May, 2008. This announcement follows the news of Wan Ryuumin and Sumeragi Ri Noriega figures that came in September, and completes the lineup from Banpresto; while these are preproduction samples they’re both looking quite nice, and if the finished product at all resembles them I’m guessing they’ll be hard to come by when next spring rolls around. We’ll be keeping an eye out for preorders of both sets of heroines in the coming weeks. (no more)

Figure News: Lineage II capsule figures up at Yujin’s official site

Yujin put up an official page today for their Lineage II capsule figure set, confirming the news that the four piece set (plus one secret) will hit gashapon machines in late November at 300 yen per unit. The usual suspects don’t seem to have this up for preorder, but we’ll be keeping a close eye out for any possible means of distribution other than the typical plastic globes – at this price point even Yujin quality seems palatable if it means a chance at some decently sexy Lineage sculpts. (no more)

[ERO] Goods News: Wani Books presents “Ikkitousen Treasure Limited BOX Publication”, includes Hakufu bust and Kanu oppai mousepad

During a habitual run through 2chan’s mokeiura board this morning I noticed a most curious item that bore further investigation. It turns out that Wani Books, publishers of the Comic Gum manga anthology in which Ikkitousen is serialized, is producing what they’re calling an Ikkitousen Treasure Limited BOX Publication. It’s a …box, apparently, containing seven special limited edition items which are detailed below:

Goods News: Momoi Haruko “Momo-i! World Tour 2007 in LA” sees DVD release from Toranoana

That’s right, the Momoi Haruko concert from AX 2007 is coming out on DVD! Despite being treated with neglect and disrespect by the convention staff (Canned Dogs coverage) Momoi managed to keep her spirits up and prepare for the concert, presenting herself to the small crowd of fans gathered in the ghastly Monday morning time slot allotted her with a true professionalism and genuine energy that is hard to describe without having been there. It was easily one of the top five concerts of my life, and I’ll definitely be picking this up to relive the experience (despite the hefty 7,560 yen price tag… ;_;). The disc is set for release on January 1st of next year, with initial sales planned at the Toranoana booth at Comiket 73 (December 29th through the 31st). (no more)