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Figure News: Kinoshita Rumi from Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.O. coming in “devil type” from Yamato

Hot on the heels of our review of Sunny Day‘s Halloween Girl comes the news that his equally Halloween-themed Kinoshita Rumi (devil type) will be coming in PVC from Yamato! One of the heroines of Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.O., this version of Rumi hails from the game’s [ERO] Toy Box expansion in which she pilfers some ecchi cosplay attire from co-heroine Kazumi. She’s scheduled for release in February of next year at 7,140 yen retail and 23 cm tall, and is castoffable down to some very appealing lingerie. With her up at Yamato we can expect shop preorders to open soon! (no more)

[ERO] Figure Review: Wafuudou Ganguten’s original Halloween Girl PVC figure

When I first spotted this figure in the pages of Tech Gian last June I wasn’t quite convinced of her allure. After she was listed for preorder and a few more sample images began to surface however I realized that I’d be forced to trust my luck with Wafuudou yet again – the prospect of the combination of cute and ero from Nanao Naru and Cerberus Project was just too hard to ignore. She came in last night, just in time to ask the question: what would you do if Halloween girl said “Trick or Treat“?

Figure News: Max Factory’s Figma line comes alive, YUKI.N first in line for release

Word is in today from the official Figma site that Max Factory’s action figure line is finally entering production, with its first installment featuring Nagato Yuki from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. She’s set to go on sale on February 14th, 2008 at 2,500 yen and 13.5 cm tall; preorders and additional information will be revealed later on in November. In other bishoujo action figure news, the official Revoltech blog reminds us that preorders begin tomorrow for Ayanami Rei, the first in their Fraeulein lineup. They have a considerable lead on Max in the action figure department at this point, but it’ll be interesting to see how their bishoujo lines fare going head to head like this. (no more)

Figure News: color changing “Metamo” Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Haruhi 1.5 and Nagato PVCs up for preorder

Word came in last night via Amiami that Bandai will be releasing a pair of new “Metamo figures” from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, an alternate color version of their earlier released Haruhi kit as well as a new sundress catgirl Nagato Yuki. The Metamo gimmick is that the figures change color based on the ambient temperature, the new Haruhi going from red to black and Nagato from white to black. Both are 1/8 scale (~20 cm tall) and scheduled for release in February of ’08 at 3,980 yen retail. The Nagato is pretty cute, but I’m not sure if the simplified paint job required for the color change gimmick to work is worth it… (no more)

[ERO] Goods News: bust up! Chest-enhanced mousepad coming from Atelier Kaguya’s “Enjoy”

The phenomenon of the contoured bust mousepad is not a new one, but the dubious accessory is set to undergo a minor step in its evolution with the release of an [ERO] Mizuki-sensei oppai mousepad from Atelier Kaguya’s recently release eroge Enjoy. Featuring the character Onda Mizuki, the item’s chief draw is its faithful rendition of her relatively large bosoms – a sample of which are pictured here, in comparison with the earlier released Asuka-chan oppai mousepad from Osana Najimi to Amaku Sugosu Houhou. I always assumed that these pads were of uniform dimensions with images printed on each regardless of the size of the character in question, but the comparison shots show that variation in fact exists… This peculiar item is available exclusively via Medio’s online shop, and is set for release on December 21st at 4,995 yen. Thanks to Akiba Blog for the scoop! Mousepad images below:

[ERO] Goods News: Muv Luv’s Mitsurugi Meiya dakimakura coming from Chara-Ani

Word came in last night via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute that Chara-Ani is producing a hug pillow featuring popular Muv Luv heroine Mitsurugi Meiya. The pillow (both case and pillow included) is scheduled for release on December 16th (Meiya’s birthday!) at 15,000 yen, with dimensions 160 x 50 cm, and featuring original illustrations from Muv Luv character designer Bou. Preorders are open through next March, but to get in on the first batch orders should be placed by November 11th. Pillow cover image below:

[ERO] Figure Review: Orchid Seed’s Ignis the White PVC from Jingai Makyou

When Ignis the White was first revealed back on February 14th of this year it really did feel like Valentine’s Day had come a day early. I was instantly smitten by the figure, the likes of which had previously existed only in my wettest of dreams – we had seen several figure incarnations of the Jingai Makyou heroine already, but none that dared challenge the monumental intricacy of her “undying flame” incarnation. Would the craftsmanship of Orchid Seed rise to the occasion and prove equal to the task of replicating this truly epic sculpt? Read on for the opinion of one humble fan…