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Kaibutsu Oujo Hime PVC now in color

Figure News: Solid Theater’s Play Stationery line meets Kodomo no Jikan

Word is in from Akiba Blog today that Solid Theater, makers of the stationery-themed bishoujo Play Stationery figure line, has received permission from the publisher of Kodomo no Jikan to create a Play Stationery series based on the manga and TV anime‘s three main heroines, Kokonoe Rin, Kagami Kuro, and Usa Mimi. The new series will be called Play Stationery 3(rd Graders) with Kodomo no Jikan, and Rin will be based on the original pencil sharpener figure, Kuro will be based on the eraser case, and Mimi will be based on the ruler. No pricing details or release time frame has been presented, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this. (no more)

Bishoujo Game News: more on Ar Tonelico 2

Loyal Ar Tonelico fan and HD webslinger Jetfuel today represents with a translation of the Dengeki Online article that appeared on October 25th in commemoration of the Ar Tonelico 2 release, describing the premium event held on the 21st with the game’s seiyuu and producers. Reproduced here with his permission is the full translation of the article, which contains some amusing anecdotes from the production staff as well as an explanation of part of the game system:

Next was the explanation of “Dualstall”, sometimes called the “Bath System”. Dualstall is a system by which you submerge a Dualisno crystal into a bathtub, then the heroines bathe together, warming up their bodies and gaining power.

Read on for the full translation!