Akiba Blog reported back on the 21st about a Sofmap in-store advertisement for Black Package’s upcoming eroge Hitozuma Harem that features a rather eye-catching 3D display. This general category of store display promotion is known as a “pop”, and yesterday the official site for the game was updated with instructions on how you can build your own. Those looking for an arts and crafts project can find further information below:

Required supplies for the project include:

  • A sheet of A3 size printer paper
  • A color printer
  • An A3 sized piece of foam board
  • A pair of breast-shaped sponges
  • A brassiere
  • Glue
  • A box cutter
  • Needle and thread

Construction is pretty straightforward, consisting of the following steps:

  1. Print the background illustration on A3 size paper using the provided PDF
  2. Glue the printed sheet to the foam board and cut around the character outline
  3. Glue the sponges to the board, aligning with the lower edge of the breasts and trimming to the proper size
  4. Mount the bra over the sponges and sew it in place.

I have no idea where you’d get some of this stuff, but if anyone actually does this and needs a place to put the pictures I’d be happy to oblige. :3