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Figure Review: Max Factory’s Fasalina PVC from Gun x Sword

Starting with the factual propositions that a) Kimura Takahiro is a character design god and b) far too few of his characters have been actualized in figure form, it follows that a Max Factory incarnation of Gun x Sword’s Fasalina (especially one in this particularly enticing pose) would be a highly anticipated item. With the actual figure in hand, however, I must say that my expectations were not entirely met – read on for the hot but slightly disappointing details:

[ERO] Game News: build your own “oppai pop”

Akiba Blog reported back on the 21st about a Sofmap in-store advertisement for Black Package’s upcoming eroge Hitozuma Harem that features a rather eye-catching 3D display. This general category of store display promotion is known as a “pop”, and yesterday the official site for the game was updated with instructions on how you can build your own. Those looking for an arts and crafts project can find further information below:

Bishoujo Game News: Ar Tonelico 2 goes on sale

Ar Tonelico 2, the most highly anticipated console RPG title of the year (in my own brain, at least) is now on sale! Its release was commemorated on October 21st by a premium event held in conjunction with the currently running Akihabara Enta Matsuri at which the creative talent behind the game rocked out, literally and figuratively, in praise of the title’s many obvious merits. Those wondering what all the fuss is about are advised to check out the demo movie available via the “special” tab on the game’s official website; the Wikipedia entry for the original game may also be of service. If you’d like to support HD with your purchase the game is currently available (Japanese version only) at Play Asia, as is the OST; shots of what you get if you are truly insane below:

Manga News: third volume of Queen’s Blade anthology comics announced

The December ’07 issue of Hobby Japan magazine had an advertisement for a third anthology volume of manga based on the characters from the Queen’s Blade series of combat artbooks. It’s set for release on November 24th, which is at this point all we know about the book (other than that the cover will be penned by [ERO] Jibril and Nanael character designer Kuuchuu Yousai); past volumes of the anthology have included work from artists such as F.S, Rebis, and Kokuryuugan, and as such are basically officially sanctioned borderline ecchi doujin compilations. We’ll be keeping an eye out for a list of contributors coming online in the next few weeks. Cover image from the advertisement below: