This is the big release weekend of the month, with 29 new games coming out today, October 26th. Among the most significant are Makura’s Integral after and another, Crossnet’s Happy Margaret, Sky Fish’s Harukaze Dori ni, Tomarigi wo, Studio e.go!’s X vain, Windmill’s Tsunagaru Banguru, Selen’s Shin Ringetsu, and Akatsuki Works’ Boku wa Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa wo. Hardcore titles include Clockup’s Ryoujoku Gakuenchou and Nomad’s Inraku no Miko; budget titles of note are Morning’s Bukkake!! and the standard edition release of Zero’s Hitorijime!. The full list of the week’s titles is below:


  • Standard issue games are those titles (usually new releases) priced 4,000 yen and up.
  • Dark side games are standard issue games with pronounced dark themes.
  • Budget titles / fan discs are games priced under 4,000 yen, either due to length or being reissues of older games.
  • Doujin games are those not listed with the EOCS.
  • Doujin soft release dates are approximate.

Standard Issue

Dark Side

Budget / Fan Disc

Delayed Releases

  • Rusk’s Aster -> November 9th
  • Cuffs’ Garden -> January 25th, 2008

Doujin Soft