Moon Phase Diary reports that Shureishi, a manga currently serialized in Comic Gum (preview here), is scheduled to receive an eroge adaptation. While there have been plenty of adult game to all-ages manga conversions in the past, to my knowledge this is the first example of the opposite occurring. That fact alone is worth a bit for its trivia value, but what really has me excited about the project is the fact that mangaka Ryuu Mokunen will be handling the game designs as well. He draws some of the most purely erotic doujinshi I have ever seen, and I discovered him just in time to pick up a couple of his books in ’05-’06 before his doujin activity stopped (presumably to start work on this manga) so it’s great to know that he’s coming back to the world of adult illustration. The scenario will be penned not by manga author Takaoka Yoshiaki but instead by veteran galge writer Futaba Akira, and the game is set for release in early summer of 2008. We’ll be keeping watch for further details as the project unfolds. (no more)