Eroge on sale today: Sunlight’s Kannabi, MBS Truth’s Seieki Shunkan! Idou?!, Morning’s Bukkake!! ~Senpai wa Milk Mamire~ (download only), Caramel Box’s Yarukibako 2, Eroro’s Dain Focus, PlumZERO’s Fukushu no Rensa Triple Pack, and Carmine’s Utsusemi ni Furerumono. This is just a small prelude to next week’s release lineup, which at a glance sports 30 titles… In other eroge news the cover for this month’s Tech Gian is now online, bringing news of a new collaboration by the artist and scenario writer who brought us Tarte’s incredibly popular Katahane earlier this year. In eroanime news an official page is up at Pixy for Dorei Maid Princess vol. 2, slated for download release on October 27th. We’ll bring further eroge coverage this weekend pending the actual in-store release of Tech Gian. (no more)