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[ERO] new art up at Urakanda

Figure News: preorder and limited edition miscellany

A few miscellaneous items now in preorder: Resinya’s Kushieda Minori from Toradora! (January release), Aizu Project’s Ryomou Shimei (gosurori ver.) cold cast from Ikkitousen (February release), Beat’s original Amaha Collection Wildcat Anna (December release), and Chrono Gate’s Murata Yukari from Rocket Girls (March release). In limited edition news, a Nitro+ online shop limited Kuro no Franco will be released with additional scarf, different facial expression and different colored underwear; a limited edition pink Konomi (maid ver.) is coming from Kotobukiya shops, and an Amiami-limited Wildcat Anna will be available in silver. Also in from Kotobukiya via Akiba Hobby is word that we’ll be seeing a Shining Wind Kureha from them sometime next year. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: fourth “Eropon” ero+weapon trading figure series abandoned?

A bit of fallout from July’s Adult Treasure Expo 2007 may tragically be going by the wayside. Eropon, a series of [ERO] gashapon sets mostly featuring realistic bondage themes, unveiled its 4th series Eropon Ero+Weapon trading figures at the expo. A moe-themed departure from the lineup’s previous fare, for a month or so following the event a page was up here with a splash image advertising the release; when I went to investigate for this post however the entire Eropon page was usurped by some hideous porn beast. Not only that, but Eropon’s parent company Alfrex seems delinquent on their hosting payments as well (though Alfrex’s parent Treasure Works still seems somehow alive); while the pamphlet on display with the figures lists them as for sale in “winter 2007” we still have a sliver of hope, but it looks like all that may remain of these items are a few blog posts and (at least) one sad fan. (no more)

Figure News: CM’s’ 1:1 scale Kokonoe Rin gets a price, release timeframe

CM’s‘ near life-sized Kojika Kokonoe Rin figure we scooped here two weeks ago has been updated with pricing information and an approximate release window. You can purchase your very own lascivious elementary school student for a mere 65,000 yen (68,250 yen tax included), or roughly USD $580, and she’ll arrive at your door “next spring”. We’ll continue our surveillance of this most suspicious item as more information comes to light, for justice. And by justice I mean Justice. (no more)

Figure News: Alter presents February lineup! Aloe & CPU Sharon, epic panty shot Kuro no Franco PVCs

Alter‘s February ’08 release lineup is fresh off the e-presses on the maker’s official site! Included are a 1/8 scale (18 cm) Aloe and CPU Sharon PVC set from Quiz Magic Academy at 5,565 yen, and a 1/8 scale (19 cm) Kuro no Franco PVC figure from Nitro+’s latest eroge, Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango coming in at 7,140 yen. The Kuro no Franco is a particularly amazing sculpt, with a panty shot that is more of a deliberately placed stop sign than a coquettish tease. Fits her character perfectly. :3 With these listed on the official site preorders should follow very shortly… can’t wait for the Kuro, myself. Edit: preorders are now up at Amiami with full image galleries: Aloe & Sharon, Kuro no Franco. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Cafe Reo’s Moeru! Prowres no Susume PVC castoff confirmed

Word is in from Senaka Ota-Road Blog today that the Moeru! Prowres no Susume Chikaraishi Hotaru vs. Chiha-tan Nigou German Suplex PVC figure set from Cafe Reo that we scooped last week is in fact castoffable. I still don’t see this figure having the broadest appeal, but this certainly ups the interest factor for those who may have been on the fence (myself included)… the set is scheduled for release in December at 1/8 scale and 7,140 yen retail. (no more)

Site News: figure release page updated

The figure release schedule page we’ve been compiling for the past few weeks has been updated with links to J-List products as well as Play Asia, including a few items (like Max’s POLO System Pachira reissue – HD review) that don’t seem to be available elsewhere. In a bit of shameless promotion I’d like to remind readers that it’s thanks to your support via affiliates that we’ve been able to get rather more gung-ho here as of late; if you like what you see at HD I’d be honored if you’d consider voting with your purchasing dollars/yens/rupees through our affiliates. Thanks again to those who’ve already done so, and we’ll continue forging full steam ahead! (no more)

Protoculture News: otaku social networking service Filn launches web radio, Momoi Haruko featured

Word is in from the Tokyo Anime Center website that social networking service (SNS) Filn will be launching a web radio program with Momoi Haruko as the main personality and Tsuji Ayumi as co-anchor. Flin describes itself as “a social networking service for fans of anime, manga, games, cosplay, IT gadgets, etc. – ‘otaku’ or ‘akiba-kei'”, and the name is an acronym for “Friend “Intersects” “Looks” and “Nerd”. The radio program will have its pre-debut on October 20th under the title “The Rise and Fall of the Filn Empire”, and in addition to Momoi and Tsuji will feature nine young seiyuu who are being called “Filn Children” (I’m not making this up). Each of these Children will be responsible for a corner of the web radio, whose contents will be gleaned from communities within the SNS in a sort of social networking radio content fusion; the premiere episode this weekend will serve to get the word out and introduce the service. I’m almost curious enough to join up and witness the spectacle first hand… (no more)

Anime News: Kodomo no Jikan broadcast schedule settled (?), official blog claims “takebacks”

The official site for the Kodomo no Jikan anime posted an apology yesterday clarifying the chain of events leading up to the show’s broadcast cancellation on the AT-X cable/satellite network. As AT-X had earlier claimed, the network wanted to broadcast the show (in its fully censored version) with an age warning attached. The anime production committee did not agree, citing a desire for the show to reach “the broadest audience possible”, and thus the broadcast was pulled. Earlier the official Kojika anime blog had claimed that the blame for the cancellation lay entirely with the AT-X editorial staff, a claim which was retracted yesterday by erasing of the offending post. Out of sight, out of mind, apparently… at any rate, at present broadcast has been confirmed to continue on both Chiba TV and KBS Kyoto, as well as the upcoming free Biglobe webcast. The future of the controversial show is secure, for now. (no more)

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Konami’s Nia PVC official page online

[ERO] Goods News: Toranoana plans “Shinzui” doujin compilations; first volume to feature Mogudan

Toranoana representative AYUZAWA penned a column yesterday for Akiba Blog in which he announced the production of four 120-page [ERO] doujin compilation volumes in a series dubbed shinzui (“lifeblood”). The project is in commemoration for the recent opening of the new Toranoana shop in Sendai, and features a wide selection of famous artists (the first volume alone contains Mogudan, Sumeragi Kohaku, Amano Ameno, and Tsukino Jougi among others). While price and release dates are yet forthcoming we are informed that the volumes will only be available for purchase at Toranoana brick-and-mortar locations as well as via their online shop, so international buyers are advised to head to their proxy services. (no more)