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Figure News: Kotona Elegance (costume ver.), Kokonoe Rin reissue coming from Max Factory

Goodsmile updated their official site today with two items of Max Factory news: firstly that a Kotona Elegance (costume ver.) PVC figure from Zoids: Genesis will be coming from the brand in February of next year at 1/7 scale (18 cm tall) and 6,800 yen; and secondly that their POLO System [ERO] Kokonoe Rin PVC from Kodomo no Jikan will be reissued yet again, scheduled for rerelease in November. Great news for the Kotona fans, and great news for Max’s wallet with the reissue timing… given current circumstances they shouldn’t have any trouble at all selling as many castoffable Rin figures as they choose to produce. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile presents SMILE series V.I.P. trading figures

Moeyo! Akibajin Blog continues its coverage of last Sunday’s Dream Party with the scooping of a very nice set of character trading figures from classic Leaf games, the SMILE V.I.P. series. The series is based on illustrations from Axia‘s V.I.P. trading cards, and includes Takase Mizuki and Ooba Eimi from Comic Party, Yuzuhara Konomi and Komaki Manaka from To Heart 2, and Kamigishi Akari and Multi from the original To Heart. No pricing or release date information is yet known, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this one. (no more)

Figure News: Griffon presents a shark-toting Plenair-san PVC, splits off ecchi “R-Line”

Word in from Griffon last night that they’re producing a Harada Takehito designed Plenair-san (shark toting ver.) PVC figure. She clocks in at 17 cm tall (non- scale) with a sculpt from Katou Taichi, and is set for release in December at 5,040 yen, with preorders open on now on the official site and elsewhere soon. In other Griffon news, the brand has spun off its more risque figures onto a separate [ERO] R-Line site. Same company, new distinct brand identity; here’s hoping this means more ero-ero PVCs from them in the future. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Sano Toshihide designed, Vispo sculpted Shiratori Amane PVC update

Last month we reported on the plans for the PVC production of a figure based on Shiratori Amane, the heroine of G.J?’s recently released Sano Toshihide illustrated [ERO] Anata no Shiranai Kangofu. Today we’re happy to report that work is proceeding, with a color sample of the kit now on display at Vispo‘s home page (and archived here lest it subsequently be removed). The figure will be produced by a newcomer to the PVC arena, a company called Questioners; they describe the item on their product page, but there is currently no further information beyond the plan to release it in “winter 2007”. We’ll be keeping a close eye out for further information regarding this figure and the new Questioners brand. Kit picture below: