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Figure News: Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Fraeulein action figure line heats up

Kaiyodo’s official Revoltech Express blog has been preaching the gospel of the brand’s new Fraeulein lineup of action figures for the past few days, introducing a prototype sculpt of Fraeulein #2 Tousaka Rin along with several pictures of Fraeulein #1 Ayanami Rei, including some rather wacky offerings today. Official information on the Ayanami release can be found in this entry, which pegs her at a January 1st, 2008 release at 2,000 yen (first lot limited, subsequent editions will be 2,200 yen). She’s 15 cm tall (~1/10 scale), with 18 points of articulation, 10 “revolver joints”, four alternate hands and the Lance of Longinus included. Apparently Kaiyodo is shooting for Fraeulein releases monthly on the first of each month; an ambitious production schedule, but great news for fans of bishoujo action figures. We’ll be keeping an eye out for preorders. (no more)

Figure Review: Wafuudou Ganguten’s Angela PVC from Princess Waltz

After the announcement of Cerberus Project‘s Princess Waltz Iris PVC figure from Wafuudou Ganguten last spring I hoped it was only a matter of time before their Angela would follow, and those expectations were rewarded back in June with the announcement of the PVCification of this wonderful kit. How does Wafuudou’s incarnation stack up against the original resin? Read on!

Figure News: odds and ends

A few preorders up yesterday that I didn’t have time to mention: Taisen Hot Gimmick 3 Digital Surfing Novia (wink & pink hair ver.) PVC coming from Art Storm in January (an alternate color version of the earlier released Novia PVC, sculpted by Cerberus Project); a really atrocious My Otome Ofuro trading figure set from Lilics (also on sale in January), and Moeru! Prowres no Susume Chikaraishi Hotaru vs. Chiha-tan Nigou German Suplex PVC figure set from Cafe Reo, due out in mid-December. I’m finding it hard to track down the source for that one, as Google only turns up the figure… if they make it into a series I could see future figures with definite potential, though I’m not sure how you’d display this one for optimal view. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: Discipline coming in English from Kitty Media

A paragon of the “nukige” genre is coming to the English language! Kitty Media presents [ERO] Discipline: The Record of a Crusade (Erogamescape), Active Soft‘s 2002 epic tale of the life and times of Hayami, a well-endowed yet hapless lad dropped into school full of nymphomaniac girls. The magnum opus of artist and scenario writer Sei Shoujo (creator of Bible Black and Cleavage), Discipline boasts dozens of hours of gameplay and an astounding 550+ CG images. Having played it following its 2002 Japan release this is a game I’d very much recommend to any connoisseur of 2D erotica, and it can be preordered at J-List with release scheduled for December 18th. (no more)