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Goods News: Queen’s Gate Mon wo Hiraku Mono Arisu, Mahou Shoujo Nijihara Ink up for preorder

Amiami has preorder pages up for the two inaugural entries in the Queen’s Gate series of combat game artbooks, based on Hobby Japan’s Queen’s Blade series (which in turn is based on Flying Buffalo’s Lost Worlds combat books). Queen’s Gate is a spinoff series of Queen’s Blade that features the work of famous artists and brands brought into the Lost Worlds game system and artbook format. First scooped at HD back in July, the two characters now up for preorder are the Nitro+ / Niθ-designed Mon wo Hiraku Mono Arisu and the Pop-illustrated Mahou Shoujo Nijihara Ink, heroine of the otaku English phrasebook and anime series Moetan. The pair of hard cover, full color 64-page combat artbooks are scheduled for release on November 30th at 1,500 yen each; we’ll keep an eye out for preorder availability on sites that ship internationally. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Taki Corporation’s full castoff Komaki Manaka from To Heart 2 up for preorder

Amiami has a preorder listing up today for a new Komaki Manaka (DVD jacket ver.) PVC figure from To Heart 2 coming from Taki Corporation in November. The single artifacted image currently available doesn’t give a good idea of what the final kit will look like, but the face sculpt is highly suspicious indeed… like Taki’s other recent offerings Manaka will be fully castoffable, and stands 25 cm tall with a retail price of 9,240 yen. In a (perhaps horrific) turn of events Taki announces here that a Komaki Ikuno kit is in the works as well, for release in December, intended as a companion for her older sister; this would be a great concept but for the infamous reputation for quality that Taki is rapidly gaining (could they possibly bulk out Manaka’s school uniform any more?). We’ll be keeping an eye on these, but not with a great deal of anticipation. (no more)