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Figure News: Toranoana’s Witchblade Tsuzuki Shiori (transformed ver.) PVC sample up

Moeyo! Akibajin Blog posted photos of a sample version of Toranoana’s Tsuzuki Shiori (transformed ver.) PVC figure from Witchblade, which was on display today in Akihabara’s Toranoana store #1. This may be the same sample as the one on display at Wonder Festival this past summer, and price and release date are still unknown; no real news here other than a nice close-up look at the sculpt. I’m kind of digging it in spite of myself, though I’d like to see a kit of the untransformed Shiori as well. Edit: Moeyo has shots of Tora’s new Masane (transformed ver.) PVC up today too, but same deal – no details as of yet. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Doukyuusei’s Sakuragi Mai coming in full castoff PVC from Taki Corporation

The Kotobukiya web shop has a preorder listing up today for a Sakuragi Mai PVC figure from Elf’s 1992 bishoujo game classic Dokyuusei. She’s from Taki Corporation, the same company that brought us the recently reviewed full castoff Kanu Unchou, and is scheduled for release in November at 1/6 scale (20 cm tall) and a retail price of 9,240 yen. While the pose is rather appealing, with a face sculpt resembling that of a blowup doll and shoulder seams clearly visible I’m not seeing how this will sell as anything other than pure (and expensive) cheesecake. Edit: The listing mentions that Narusawa Yui from Doukyuusei 2 will be released by Taki as well in the near future; we’ll keep an eye out for her. (no more)

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Home PC is down; any drive recovery tips?

Site News: home computer is fried, a few site tweaks

At around 5:00 AM yesterday morning the main hard drive in my home computer died. I’m currently trying to get the machine operational again and recover some of the data lost in the crash; I’m not sure how long it will take to reach full operational capacity, but until the home box is restored updates here will be limited to basic news for the most part.

On a happier note, the unceasing endeavors of jetfuel have helped HD transition to Wordpress 2.3 largely unscathed (though a few plugins haven’t quite caught up to the tag-based revolution yet); we’ve also implemented a couple of nifty new site features that you may have noticed over the past few days, including the “Newsbits” bar above the main post column, for random odds and ends; a group of Reviews buttons with handy links to reviews by subject; and a Figure Release Schedule page with information that may be of use. We’ll try our hardest to work through this technical setback with minimal impact to the site. (no more)