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Figure News: Toys Planning presents Nekomiya Nono PVC from Yotsunoha, now in preorder

Amiami’s evening update today brought news of a Nekomiya Nono PVC figure now available for preorder and scheduled for release from Toys Planning in November, at 18 cm tall and 6,500 yen retail. Given that she’s the heroine of Haikuo-soft’s eroge Yotsunoha (Wikipedia) (all ages OVA) and given the high price (and the awkward clothing sculpt), I’m guessing she’s castoffable to at least a certain degree; a pity that she hardly resembles the cute original Nono design in any way. Show us you can do better, Toypla! (no more)

Figure News: Bemani figure project #2 Hinazuki Lilina sample image up, preorder quota still unreached

We reported a month ago on the production of the second in Konami’s Beatmania bishoujo figure series, Hinazuki Lilina. With the October 8th preorder deadline that will determine her production status fast approaching, Konami has updated her product listing with a photo of the finished kit; they also note that as of today (October 6th) they have only recieved 1,727 of the 2,500 preorders necessary to trigger production of the figure. Will a shot of a pre-production prototype be enough to drum up 750+ preorders over the next two days? We’ll be keeping an eye on this. (no more)

Figure News: CM’s announces near life-size Kokonoe Rin vinyl figure from Kodomo no Jikan

Figure maker CM’s today put a page up on their official site detailing the production of a near 1/1 scale Kokonoe Rin soft vinyl figure, pictured here in the company of Rin’s anime voice actress, Kitamura Eri. While no details regarding the price or release date are yet forthcoming, this item is sure to be another gaudy piece of evidence to bandy around in the controversy surrounding the property both in Japan and abroad. We’ll be keeping tabs on this as further information regarding the figure is brought to light. (no more)

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Daiki Samusupi Mina (white skin ver.) preorder up