The October 25th release of Gust / Banpresto’s Ar Tonelico 2 looms closer, and in anticipation a promotional video was made available in the “Special” section of the official site yesterday (accessible via the Flash interface, or via direct download in WMV format here). As I don’t own a PS2 my enthusiasm for the title is hard to explain, but this game is looking seriously awesome – the music is just as good as in the original, and this time around they’ve really upped the ante in terms of the 2D and 3D animation. So pretty… As the original game was released by NIS America in English I’m guessing we can expect a conversion of the sequel as well, but those looking for instant gratification can pick up the R2 release of Ar Tonelico 2 at Play Asia (the soundtrack is available as well, for poor PS2-less sops like me who can only enjoy the game vicariously). (no more)