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Figure News: Alter / Megahouse collaboration brand Alpha Omega official site launched

First announced at Wonder Festival 2007 Summer, the “Alpha Omega” figure brand that is a collaboration between Alter and Megahouse put its official site online today. Two figures are featured in conjunction with the site launch: the Code Geass C.C. and Karen PVCs that we’ve reported on twice before. They’re confirmed as due out in February of next year at 1/8 scale and 5,775 yen each; now that the official site is up I’m guessing it’ll be a matter of (relatively little) time before we see preorders for them. The vigil begins… (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Kotobukiya’s Yamashita Shunya-designed Shouko-san PVC is castoffable

Feeling like a broken record here… Once again we turn to Moeyo! Akibajin blog for the inside scoop: according to their coverage, not only is the Kotobukiya shop limited, Yamashita Shunya designed Shouko-san‘s top removable but this is the first time in Kotobukiya’s history that they’ve fully painted everything underneath. Though typical Moeyo censorship prevents us from determining this for ourselves there’s no reason to disbelieve the assertion, and this may make what was otherwise a rather bland entry into Kotobukiya’s Shunya series rather more desirable (though not quite enough for me to justify an order at 7,350 yen, especially given the awkward-looking castoff). Regardless, here’s hoping this trend continues with future figures in the Yamashita line! (no more)

Figure Review: Goodsmile’s Iroha PVC from Samurai Spirits

Iroha is a fighting game character whose creation in 2005 corresponds almost exactly with the crest in the wave of the PVC production boom, and she has come to embody it with over a dozen kits released in the past two years. Few of them match the majesty of Nakayama Eiji’s winter ’06 foray into Irohadom, however, and when it was revealed last summer that this particular garage kit would be reborn in PVC I was overjoyed. With production under the auspices of Goodsmile I was sure they’d deliver a faithful rendition of his incredibly curvaceous sculpt, and I wasn’t disappointed.