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Magazine Review: Megami vol. 90

When we reviewed Comp Heroines vol. 6 a few days ago I came away with the hope that Megami would field a more solid offering this month by comparison, and boy did they pull through. This is the magazine’s 90th issue, and it’s a great example of why it’s had such staying power through the years against rivals such as Dengeki Animaga and now Comp H’s; the latter is going to have to get its act together if it wants to be more than a Kadokawa / Kyoani shill and really compete against Megami on its good months, like this one. The usual batch of pictures below:

[ERO] Figure News: Yamato’s Cerberus Project sculpted, Yamashita Shunya designed guitar girl Arisa PVC confirmed as castoffable

Moeyo! Akibajin Blog has a sample review up today of the Creator’s Labo CL #014 Arisa PVC figure from Yamato that we’ve been following since the end of July, and it brings good tidings: her top has been crafted as a clean castoff. Leave it to Moeyo to be a tease with the censored shots as usual, but this confirmation hopefully means they’ll be paying attention to the appropriate details beneath her shirt. In other Arisa news, Yamato has a page up on their official site detailing her production with some nice Yamashita-illustrated details and close up shots of the kit. This release just keeps looking better and better… :3 You can support HD by preordering her at Play Asia or J-List. (no more)

Figure News: Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Danboo (Danboard) action figure from Yotsubato! up for preorder

On the heels of the Revoltech Yotsuba release two days ago, Amiami brought word yesterday that Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Danboo action figure (romanized as “Danboard” on the official packaging) is now up for preorder! It’s scheduled for release on December 1st at 2,205 yen retail, and comes complete with battery powered light-up eyes and an exchangeable Miura-chan head. If you haven’t read the manga you’ll have no idea what this is, but rest assured that DANBOARD can compete in terms of awe inspiring power with any other robot in Revoltech’s lineup thus far. I’m somewhat tempted by this, if only as a surrogate for my own desires to dress up in cardboard boxes and clomp about town… (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Chara-Ani Suzumiya Akane (Akane Matsuri ver.) PVC from Akane Maniax up for preorder

Yesterday evening character goods shop Chara-Ani posted a listing for a rather risque Akane PVC figure from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien spinoff game/OVA Akane Maniax. This “Akane Matsuri” figure will street in late January of ’08, at 1/7 scale (23 cm tall) and a whopping 8,190 yen retail. Sculpting duty is from Ishizuka Gen of Mottara Kezuru. While I’m a fan of Akane Maniax (mostly of Gouda, to be honest), Akane’s matsuri design is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen in anime and I wish they’d have used the resources for this kit in a less Mardi Gras design. Still, those desirous of such an item can look for her preorder to appear elsewhere shortly. (no more)