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[ERO] Figure Review: Konami’s Yoko PVC from Gurren Lagann

Hype for Gurren Lagann was high back in May when this Yoko figure was announced, and given my enthusiasm for the show I made the rather foolhardy decision to preorder her sight unseen. Luckily when the first images of the kit emerged my decision seemed vindicated, and it was just icing on the cake to learn earlier this week that her top was castoffable. Yoko’s popularity and the castoff gimmick notwithstanding, now that the show is over how does Konami’s craftsmanship hold up to scrutiny? Not too badly at all, in my estimation – but not particularly amazingly either.

Figure News: Evangelion’s Katsuragi Misato coming in PVC from Kotobukiya

Great news today for the legions of Misato fans out there (and for those of us sick and tired of endless parades of Rei and Asuka): Kotobukiya has announced on their official blog that a PVC of Misato is currently in production! No details regarding price or release date are yet forthcoming, but given that they’re only showing us an unpainted resin prototype we may end up seeing her street around the time the next Eva movie hits theaters. (no more)

Protoculture News: high school student attacks classmate with knife; the third Nice Boat?

Via Moon Phase: Yahoo! News is reporting that at 7:50 am this morning a 15 year old student at a private high school in Kagawa Prefecture attacked a classmate with a 16.5 cm wide-bladed knife in the course of a fight between the two boys. Both were lightly injured in the fight, with the police stating that the blow sustained by the knife victim was likely dealt by the blunt edge of the blade. The knife wielder is being held by the prefectural police as an assault suspect. Moon Phase speculates that this is yet another copycat crime, the third in a recent spate of assaults with bladed weapons that have been tied by the media to School Days and Higurashi; we’ll be watching for more details in this particular case as they emerge. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Atelier Sai’s Silfietta PVC from Meishoku no Reiki up for preorder (redux)

Amiami made a rare morning update today to post a preorder for Atelier Sai‘s [ERO] Silfietta PVC figure from Eushully’s Meishoku no Reiki eroge. She went up for preorder on Atelier Sai’s official site almost two weeks ago, but Amiami’s listing marks the beginning of her general availability via the broader array of online shops; as reported earlier her top is castoffable, and she’ll be retailing at 1/6 scale (25 cm tall) and 8,400 yen come December. Amiami matched the official Atelier Sai preorder discount of 20%, so here’s hoping other online shops will as well… (no more)

New Site Poll: do you intend to watch the final episode of School Days?

The final episode of the School Days TV anime was shown on satellite/cable channel AT-X last night, and by all accounts it surpassed even the most extreme predictions for how the show would end. Viewers are commenting that the pull from TV following the recent murder seems justified in the light of its grotesque and emotionally disturbing content, and many are surprised the episode was even considered for terrestrial broadcast in the first place. Moon Phase considers it an instant legend, and the general opinion is that it marks a milestone in Japanese animation, for good or for ill. The question then is: will you watch it (or have you already)? The screen shots and episode synopsis are enough for me, personally… (no more)

Protoculture News: Patrick Macias on “Akihabara’s Awful Truths”

Japan subculture guru Patrick Macias published an article in the Thursday, September 27th issue of the Japan Times newspaper dubbed Akihabara’s Awful Truths in which he discusses the increased commodification of the otaku experience in the district. He cites a trend toward commercial gentrification following the Densha Otoko boom, spurred on by increased traffic flow from the newly opened Tsukuba Express line, the opening of the Yodobashi Akiba megastore, and NTT’s increased corporate presence all as factors working to drive otaku from their dark corners and replace them with yuppies, tourists, and maids. We’ve covered various aspects of this phenomenon over the past few years, but Macias’s article is a great read that summarizes many of them. Highly recommended. (no more)