I miss all the interesting news when I go to bed at 8:00 PM… Moon Phase Diary reports (presumably Zepy‘s source as well) that Overflow has announced plans to hold a theatrical screening of episode 12 of School Days at some point this week. How to cut down on the hordes of rabid fans who would thirst to be in attendance? Make the ticket for entry an unopened copy of the game, that’s how. While this is incredibly lame (mostly due to the income-based, undemocratic nature of the selection process, and the fact that it shafts fans who have already bought and played it) I can sympathize with Overflow to a certain extent on this one; it’s an elegant solution from their perspective. Create a naturally limiting sanction on attendance and make a few extra bucks to fund the production of the Nishieda designed TearMail? What cash-strapped maker could refuse… Edit 2: according to Moon Phase Diary this may be much ado about nothing, as it has been confirmed the episode is scheduled to air on satellite channel ATX tomorrow night. Looks like this thing is going to blow over more quickly than aniticipated. (no more)

Edit 1: I bet they’d make more money auctioning off the nice boat used in the production of the episode than they would by shafting the fans, come to think of it.