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Figure News: Hobby Japan November ’07 news roundup (contains ero)

Megahouse Holstein Hanako-san castoff confirmed, Alpha Omega C.C. and Karen in color, Queen’s Blade Nix and Airi castoff configurations revealed, Queen’s Blade Reina action figure and cell phone game announced along with first interior shots of the newest QB character books, Gurren Lagann Yoko coming in resin from Wave, ero-ero Hobby Japan limited Jingai Makyou Didii figure mail order begins. Pictures below:

Figure News: Yamato’s Yamashita Sunya designed, Yoshizawa Mitsumasa sculpted Ayanami Rei PVC from Evangelion up for preorder

First scooped by HD at Wonder Festival this summer, Yamato‘s Creator’s Labo #015 Rei Ayanami PVC figure went up for preorder this evening at Amiami and should be up shortly elsewhere as well. This rather liberal interpretation of Evangelion‘s Ayanami design was penned by Yamashita Shunya and rendered in resin by Yoshizawa Mitsumasa (original kit here), with Yamato’s PVC version scheduled to street this December at 26 cm tall (1/6 scale?) and 7,140 yen retail. Rei purists may shy away, but given the countless other appealing aspects of this kit I’m guessing it’ll be quite a popular item. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile’s Nendoroid Al Ajif from Demonbane up for preorder soon, Shuraki vols. 4 and 5 delayed

Goodsmile has just put an official product page up for their Nendoroid Al Ajif, heroine of Nitro+’s Demonbane franchise. She’s scheduled for release in January of ’08 at 3,500 yen, with a variety of exchangeable parts and at typical 10 cm Nendoroid height; hobby shops around the internet should have her up for preorder soon. In other Goodsmile happenings, the official Shuraki page was updated with the news that volumes four and five of the multimedia figure / drama CD series will be be introduced for preorder in November and December respectively, with street dates in April and May of next year. This is roughly three months later than their originally scheduled releases. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Zenon presents Ikkitousen’s Ryomou Shimei in soft vinyl

Hobby shop Be-J has a listing up today for an ero-ero Ikkitousen soft vinyl Ryomou Shimei figure, scheduled for release from maker Zenon in November at 1/6 scale (29 cm tall) and 5,040 yen retail. The single sample image leaves many questions unanswered, and this is the first I’ve heard of the maker in question, so until we see more in the way of visual evidence I’m thinking this is a dangerous preorder proposition despite the reasonable price for the figure’s size. With offerings for My Otome and now Ikkitousen I wonder if we’re seeing the beginning of a soft vinyl bishoujo figure boom… (no more)

[ERO] Game News: Honki Jiru’s Bokura no Ikinari Dousei Keikaku site launched, bears no resemblance to Evangelion whatsoever

The twelve years since the original airing of Evangelion coincide with the period of eroge’s rise to prominence as a game genre in Japan, and several times over that span the venerable anime franchise has been drawn upon as a source of inspiration by the seamier side of PC gaming (perhaps most notably in Season of the Sakura / Sakura no Kisetsu). Thus it is refreshing to finally see the genre maturing to the point where anime references can be cast aside, and games brought forward on the merits of their own unique, original stories and designs. Maker Honki Jiru’s newest title Bokura no Ikinari Dousei Keikaku is a shining example of this progress, with a cast of original characters and a story not at all reminiscent of Shinji moving in with Misato. Seriously. Just because he’s moving to work in a “research lab” it doesn’t mean his estranged father is going to be there too, right? Right? Release of this entirely original and non-derivative game is expected on December 7th. (no more)

Figure Review: Sega Prize Haruhi + adult Mikuru Kitakou HR figure set from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

I’m not much of a prize figure collector, but I am a fan of Mikuru’s adult incarnation, and this is the only figure to date that’s even thought of giving her any love in that regard. At the price point I figured I could go without lunch for a few days to make up for it, so here we are: a nice little diorama courtesy of Sega Prize. It’s just a pity that Mikuru’s face sculpt is so unsightly…