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[ERO] Figure News: Katorea (Cattleya) announced as next in the Megahouse Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade PVC lineup

Nanashi over at 2chan’s Mokeiura board posted what has to be a scan from November’s issue of Hobby Japan magazine (on sale tomorrow), providing positive photo identification of a prototype for a Megahouse Excellent Model CORE Katorea (Cattleya) PVC figure from Queen’s Blade. We’ll check out the details in the magazine tomorrow, but here at HD HQ the celebration begins tonight – for the fan of improbably busted figures that I am this is something akin to the Holy Grail. Thanks to MK for the tipoff! Picture below:

Protoculture News: nice boat redux, or time to invest in gun anime stocks

Canned Dogs is reporting and Moon Phase corroborates that a fifteen year old boy in Nagano has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for attacking his father with an axe (the father is still alive as of this writing). Moon Phase speculates that this is a copycat crime in the mold of the one that prompted the replacement of School Days episode 12 with a nice boat, and it’s hard to see it as anything else; given what has now become a string of such incidents it seems there is nothing we can do but throw up our hands and resign ourselves to the violence in anime for the indeterminate future being dealt solely by implements not easily obtained by the average Japanese junior high student. Like guns, or giant robots. Or boats.

[ERO] Figure News: Konami’s Gurren Lagann Yoko PVC is cast off (?!)

When we first reported the production of this figure back in May I took a gamble and preordered her on the spot, without a single picture of the kit in evidence. Pictures were soon forthcoming, which happily justified the gamble with the glimpse of a solid sculpt and paint job. It was icing on the cake this morning to see over at Akibajin Blog that her upper half is apparently castoffable, an incredibly surprising move considering that a) Gurren Lagann is a kid’s show and b) Gainax has never allowed castoff PVCs to be made of Evangelion characters, which of any Gainax show seems ripe for such exploitation. Given this development it’ll be interesting to see how she does at retail come her September 27th release… (no more)