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Figure News: trio of Orchid Seed PVCs delayed

Figure maker Orchid Seed has delayed the release of three of their PVC figures originally scheduled to go on sale in September to some point in October: Ignis the White, [ERO] Chichinoe+2 Young Hip Cover Gal, and [ERO] Seihouin Erika. Given that this runs into the production schedule of a couple of their other kits I’m guessing we can expect delays in those as well. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Griffon’s Shokatsuryou Koumei PVC from Ikkitousen up for preorder

Yesterday evening Amiami updated with a preorder listing for an ero-ero Shokatsuryou Koumei PVC figure from Ikkitousen, scheduled for release from Griffon in November at 1/7 scale and 8,190 yen retail. According to Amiami’s [ERO] sample images her top is castoffable, though there’s not much beneath; the kit looks decent except for the face sculpt, which is why I neglected to mention her listing until now. In related news Amiami updated their listing for Griffon’s upcoming Ryuubi Gentoku PVC with color images as well, presenting a rather underwhelming sight for 8,925 yen retail… If we see her in the bargain bin come October I hope that teaches Griffon to pick their PVC battles more wisely. (no more)

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 003: Katekyo

To offset the rather bizarre volume we last looked at for this column I thought Kishizuka Kenji’s 2003 classic Katekyo would be a good follow up in this, our third helping of Eromanga Toshokan. The title story of a socially awkward tutor and the student in love with her is easily one of my favorites in the genre, not to mention containing the only Fight Club reference I’ve ever seen in manga and a pair of hilarious omake pages (translated especially for this post!) that really get at the subtleties of Japan’s take on America. 18+ ONLY, NWS.

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 002: Jiru Max!!

For the second installation of our eromanga review series we bring you a book released in May of this year from rookie mangaka Drill Jiru. As his handle (“drill juice”) and the book’s title (“juice max”) imply this is a very messy offering, and one not for those made queasy by the sight of some maniac ero; for those into that sort of thing or interested in the craft of manga in general this is a deep offering from a talented artist at the beginning of what will hopefully be a long and fruitful career. 18+ ONLY, NWS.

[ERO] Doujin News: obscenity arrest aftershocks still felt

Since the arrest (and subsequent fining and release) of a doujin artist in August the amateur creators’ community in Japan has been tightening regulation of doujin content. A recent example of the self-censorship occurring as a result of the crackdown can be found in the newest [ERO] Umemaro 3D work set to go on sale later this month, a demo of which was made available a few days ago on his site; the mosaic censorship in the demo is considerably more pronounced than that found in his previous works. He justifies this on his BBS as an action taken in direct response to the doujin arrest. This seems to be a typical response among artists, and we’ll be watching closely in the coming months for any further change both in the degree of censorship and any qualitative change in doujin content. (no more)

Figure News: 1/1 scale Haruhi from Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi on display at TGS

GA Graphic is reporting that Bandai / Namco’s Banpresto corner has a 1/1 scale Suzumiya Haruhi model on display at this weekend’s Tokyo Game Show, there to advertise the upcoming PS2 game Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi (also coming from Banpresto). The game is set for release on January 31st of next year, and comes with a limited edition Figma Haruhi “hero version” action figure produced by Max Factory; no word on the fate of the 1/1 scale kit present at the event today, but presumably it’s a one-shot deal for promotional purposes only. (no more)

Figure Review: Alter’s Saber (maid ver.) PVC from Fate / hollow ataraxia

This is one of those kits that became an instant legend of the Wonder Festival circuit, such that when you went around to the Millimeter Modeling table at the event all you’d see would be a kit sample and a few tumbleweeds rolling over the “sold out” card placed in front of it. While Ataraxia’s maid Saber is hardly a new theme for PVC, when this was announced from Alter it was one of those “oh hell yes” moments that resulted in an immediate preorder; thankfully faith in both the brand and the original sculpt were well placed. Check it out!