Loosely based on the 1984 Namco arcade classic The Tower of Druaga, The Druaga Project is a multimedia project launched today by Bandai / Namco that consists of a TV anime (The Aegis of Uruk) slated to air in the spring of 2008, and an online game (The Recovery of Babylim) with service scheduled to begin in January. The one piece of design art currently up at the anime page caught my attention, and a look at the staff credits revealed that character designs are being handled by none other than Ugetsu Hakua of Bakuretsu Tenshi fame. Anime direction is from Chigira Kouichi with a script from Gatou Shouji (!!). Production is from Gonzo, but given this talent lineup it seems the cards are stacked for this to be one of their good shows. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the project as further information comes to light. (no more)