In a habitual browsing of the the official Queen’s Blade site this morning I noticed that they’d updated back on September 10th with the news that the Queen’s Blade franchise will be extending beyond game books, figures, pillows and anthology comics to the world of serialized manga. The first of two manga will be running in Kadokawa Shoten’s monthly Comp Ace beginning with its October 26th issue, and will be penned by Minasaki Iku of doujin circle Doropanda Tours; while lacking in a personal website it seems that the bulk of Minasaki’s published work consists of My HiME parody doujin, an appropriate topic given that his QB manga is scheduled to focus on Hisayuki-designed character Elina and her search for her sister. The second of the two Queen’s Blade manga will begin serialization in new Media Works magazine Dengeki Black Maoh, the first issue of which is on sale tomorrow, September 19th. It will be penned by doujin veteran Astroguy II, be entitled “Queen’s Blade Struggle”, and comprise a variety of side story episodes featuring the various QB heroines. We’ll keep an eye on these projects as they unfold… (no more)