Goodsmile updated their official site yesterday with listings for a trio of My Otome figures consisting of Arika Yumemiya, Tokiha Mai, and Rena Sayers. They’re all set for December release from Art Storm brand Lilics, set to retail at 6,800 yen, and clock in at a whopping 33 cm in height (non-scale). This price/size ratio is no doubt due to the fact that they’re made from “soft vinyl”, a … crap, I don’t really know anything about soft vinyl other than that it’s a type of PVC, it’s what monster models and designer toys are made out of, it’s easier to work with than the material that standard PVC figures are made from, and that there’s a hipster/otaku culture devoted entirely to vinyl figures that I know nothing about. Paging CMWilly? (no more)