GA Graphic got the scoop today on several new items in Atelier-Sai‘s PVC lineup, including Lapis from Kaze no Stigma, a set of action figures from Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights 2, Hinomoto Hikari (winter clothes ver.) from Tokimeki Memorial 2, Kawasumi Mai from Kanon, and last but not least Silfietta from Meishoku no Reiki (scooped here last week). The Silfietta figure still stands out at the head of the pack, especially due to the confirmation of her castoffability; despite the high price I’m thinking she’s a pretty strong contender for purchase at this point. We’ll keep you appraised of preorder availability as it’s announced. All of the figures posted at GA today are scheduled for December release dates except for the Sweet Knights action figures, which are listed for “this fall”. (no more)