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Figure News: Goodsmile presents Freeing’s 1/4 scale bunny girl Nagato Yuki PVC from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Goodsmile has just put a page up on their official site for Freeing‘s 1/4 scale (42 cm tall (!!)) bunny girl Nagato Yuki PVC figure. She joins Mikuru, Haruhi, Tsuruya, and Kyon’s sister in Freeing’s super-sized PVC lineup, and may be the last (but certainly not least) of their Haruhi figures; she’s scheduled to go on sale in November at 11,800 yen retail. A tempting item indeed, but I’m not entirely sure she’d fit in the box I use to shoot figure reviews… With her up at Goodsmile preorders should commence shortly. (no more)

Figure Review: Evangelion’s Ayanami Rei on a soft drink cup

As I was preparing to go watch the new Eva movie a couple of weeks ago I came across the news that the theater I’d be going to was offering a special limited edition snack menu along with the film: your choice of either Eva Unit 1 or Rei perched jauntily atop a drink cup, along with said drink (of medium size) and a bag of popcorn (either sugared or salted) all for the low, low price of 1,200 yen! While I’m not much of an Eva collector the absurdity of the commodification in this case struck me as something I couldn’t pass up on, so here you have it: Rei on a drink cup.