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Anime News: Genshiken 2 official site updated, promo video online, first episode streams this Friday

The official site for season two of the Genshiken anime has been updated today with all sorts of awesome goodness, including a TV broadcast schedule, new character introductions (Sue and Angela) and cast interviews, OP and ED single release information, and last but not least a promotional video which may or may not be the same as the one that ran at Comiket 72. In addition the first episode of the series will be streaming at Bandai Channel starting Friday September 14th (this week!). In related news, it was announced recently that Genshiken spinoff game Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma will be seeing a manga adaptation in Comic Alive starting in its November ’07 edition (on sale September 27th), written by Kio Shimoku and illustrated by manga newcomer Shiroi Norio. Our earlier coverage of the staff and casting details of Genshiken 2 can be found here. (no more)

Figure News: Daiki Kougyou’s Cobra-Kai sculpted Shiranui Mai PVC now available for preorder

We were just talking about this kit in comments to our recent Max Factory Mai review, and now here she is! Amiami beats Daiki themselves to the scoop with their preorder offering up this evening for Cobra-Kai‘s 1/5 scale (33 cm tall) Shiranui Mai kit, coming in PVC as reported. She’s listed at the rather steep price point of 14,700 yen retail with an expected mid-December release. Now that she’s up at Amiami we can expect to see her elsewhere shortly, so avast yon preorders~! (no more)

Figure Review: UART / Wani Books’ Kanu Unchou (white gosurori ver.) PVC from Ikkitousen

While I might say that I like Ikkitousen as a solid cheesecake franchise, I would not be overstating my affection for Kanu Unchou as more akin to love – not quite obsession, but more than enough aesthetic appreciation of her general hotness to go around. Therefore it was with considerable glee that I preordered this item, confident that her appearance on a Goodsmile page would assure at least a basic standard of quality, and figuring that the eminently reasonable price point was a bargain regardless. In the end, how Kanulicious is this Kanu? Very.

Figure News: Lucky Star figure project begins! Nendoroid Konata, Kagami, Akira and Shiraishi Minoru represent

The official Lucky Star site has taken the wraps off the figure project that’s been in the works for several months now, creating a special page for the purpose. Thus far preorders are available only for Chara-Ani limited edition versions (Nendoroid Konata + petit Akira and Nendoroid Kagami + petit Minoru) as well as limited edition Lucky Star homepage versions; we’ll keep you updated on what are sure to be some highly sought-after items indeed. Update: the official Nendoroid site has been updated with images and specs for the three varieties of limited edition Konata + Akira and Kagami + Minoru sets. The Comptiq versions (available via mail order from October’s issue of Comptiq, November’s edition of Comp Ace, or Comp H’s vol. 6) will come with smiling Konata / dere Kagami faces and cat/bunny ears and tails, the official homepage versions will come with “dadada” Konata face / angry Kagami face and special arm configurations, and the Chara-Ani versions will come with “mokyu” Konata face / smiling Kagami face and a SOS-dan bag and corone (Konata) and a box of Pocky and two pairs of new arm configurations (Kagami). All editions are scheduled for release in January ’08 at 4,000 yen each; still no word on a standard edition release (assuming there will be one). The Akira and Minoru puchi-Nendoroids come (one each) with Konata and Kagami regardless of the version ordered, but they’re unpainted in all configurations, making me wonder if they’ll be sold later as part of a larger painted set. (no more)

Figure News: WHF Yokohama Dash 2 event coverage begins

The first coverage of yesterday’s WHF Yokohama Dash 2 garage kit sales event has come in from Hobby Channel in the form of a preliminary look at what circles had on display there. Of the batch presented here Zenko‘s Gurren Lagann Yoko caught my eye in particular; we’ll be updating this post with further information from the event as it appears, so stay tuned! Update: part 2 of Hobby Channel’s dealer coverage is now online. Also, Moeyo! Akibajin Blog’s coverage of the event can be found here. (no more)

Figure News: Yamato’s Poison and guitar girl Arisa up for preorder

T.J GrosNet posted preorder listings late last night for two Yamato figures we’ve been tracking recently: firstly their Capcom Girls Collection Poison 1/6 scale (27.5 cm tall) PVC figure, sculpted by Yoshizawa Mitsumasa and due out in November; secondly, the Yamashita Shunya designed, Cerberus Project sculpted Creator’s Labo CL#014 Arisa (known in her resin kit incarnation as “Rickenbacker and girl”, seems they couldn’t wrangle the Rick copyright for this figure, alas). She’s due out in November as well, at 7,140 yen retail and 24 cm in height. With both of these figures up at T.J we can expect other online shops to follow suit shortly, probably sometime later today. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile presents Moetan’s Pastel Ink

GA Graphic has the honor of the first scoop from yesterday’s inaugural Hobby Complex garage kit convention in Kobe, at which Goodsmile unveiled a prototype of a new Pastel Ink PVC figure from the POP-designed Moetan English phrasebook and anime. According to GA’s coverage she’s scheduled for a January ’08 release, so we’ll be watching for further details to appear on Goodsmile’s official site soon. We’ll also be bringing you further coverage of yesterday’s Hobby Complex and Yokohama Dash 2 as fallout from the events makes its way online. Update: GA Graphic continues their coverage of Hobby Complex here. (no more)